2022 Annual Conference Presentations

The following presentations have been approved to be on our website. The Pennsylvania Chapter is not responsible for the materials or opinions presented during the conference.

If you were a presenter at the conference and wish to share your presentation email them to info@planningpa.org and we will post them. Thank you for attending our conference, we will see you next year in Scranton.

Presentations are below:

Main Sessions

  • Opening Keynote | From Pandemic Response to Recovery: What Urban Planners Should Learn from the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis | 1.00 CM
  • Pitkin Lecture | The Impacts of the Pandemic on Walkable Urbanism | 1.00 CM
  • Plenary | Thinking Beyond Boundaries: Large Landscape Planning in the Lower Susquehanna River Valley | 1.25 CM (view presentation)

Mobile Workshops

  • M1. Lancaster City Green Infrastructure | 1.50 CM
  • M2. Dream Big and Inspire | 1.00 CM
  • M3. Building an Urban Bike Network in Lancaster | 2.50 CM (view presentation)
  • M4. Downtown Lancaster: The Tale of Two Parks | 1.25 CM

Legislative Workshop

  • What It Takes to Win: Policy, Advocacy and Getting the Story Right | 3.00 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Session A

  • A1. Form Base Coding for Main Street | 1.00 CM
  • A2. Increasing Family Engagement in Distressed Communities: Community Engagement, Collaborations and Partnerships | 1.00 CM
  • A3. Designing Solutions with Environmental Justice Communities | 1.00 CM
  • A4. Seeking Equity & Diversity on the Trail: Engaging Underserved Communities | 1.00 CM (view presentation)
  • A5. Pennsylvania Land Use Law Update: Appellate Cases from 2021-2022 | 1.00 CM

Concurrent Session B

  • B1. The Pivot: Comprehensive Planning in the time of COVID19 | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • B2. Multi-Municipal Planning for the Future of the Lancaster Train Station Area | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • B3. Building Resilience for Historic Properties | 1.25 CM
  • B4. It Takes a Village: Multi-Municipal Planning at the Bridgeport Crossroads | 1.25 CM
  • B5. Planning Ethics: What’s New in 2022 and Perspectives for Public and private Sector Planners | 1.25 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Session C

  • C1. Ensuring Inclusive Democracy through Equitable Engagement | 0.75 CM
  • C2. Coming Together for Multimunicipal Planning | 0.75 CM (view presentation)
  • C3. SWPA Connected: Developing and Implementing a Regional Connectivity Roadmap | 0.75 CM
  • C4. Please Unmute Yourself: Enhancing Community Engagement Through Challenges | 0.75 CM
  • C5. Scoping Your Active Transportation Plan for Success | 0.75 CM (view presentation)
  • C6. E-Commerce Warehousing in Berks County: Examining the Transportation and Economic Impacts | 0.75 CM

Concurrent Session D

  • D1. Fast Fun Fervent (view presentation)
  • D2. Implementable Comprehensive Planning: Why All the Interest? | 1.00 CM (view presentation)
  • D3. Breathing New Life Into Older Neighborhoods through Collaborative Revitalization | 1.00 CM (view presentation)
  • D4. Making Sure Third Places Win: Creating Privately Owned Community Spaces Through Land Development | 1.00 CM 
  • D6. Health and Economic Benefits of Bicycle and Walking Trails | 1.00 CM (view presentation) (view handout)

Concurrent Session E

  • E1. Vision Zero Implementation: Challenges and Opportunities | 1.25 CM
  • E2. Planning for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • E3. I Have a Problem (and We Have a Solution!) | 1.25 CM (view notes)
  • E4. Using GIS to Solve Economic Development Questions: A Case Study of Sewer Capacity and Solar Farm Development in Berks County | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • E5. Making it Happen: Places2040 an Implementable Comp Plan | 1.25 CM (view presentation) (view full Places2040 plan)
  • E6. Planning for the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation Project | 1.25 CM

Concurrent Session F

  • F1. Urban Heat Islands and Impacts to Water and Land Use Regulations | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • F2. Planning for TOD: A Way to Transform Your Community | 1.50 CM
  • F3. Challenges in Establishing and Maintaining Bike Share Programs | 1.50 CM
  • F4. Catalyzing Neighborhood and Commercial Hub Revitalization: Lancaster’s Facade Improvement Program | 1.50 CM
  • F5. The State of Farmland Preservation in Lancaster County and Your County | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • F6. Land Use Law Update | 1.50 CM

Concurrent Session G

  • G1. The Commonwealth’s Keystone Communities Main Street & Elm Street Programs | 1.25 CM
  • G2. Jumbo Shrimp and the Suburban Center | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • G3. From Courtship to Commitment and Beyond: How Local Agencies and Consultants Can Forge Happy, Healthy Relationships and Deliver Successful Projects | 1.25 CM
  • G4. AICP: Is This Certification for You? 
  • G5. Climate Change Planning for Vulnerable Neighborhoods: Exploring Neighborhood Sensitivity & Exposure to An Uncertain Future | 1.25 CM
  • G6. Municipal Planning Hot Topics through PennDOT Connects | 1.25 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Session H

  • H1. Safe Streets Are For Everybody: But How Do We Get There? | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • H2. Zoning Rehab: When Codes Need an Intervention | 1.50 CM
  • H3. Experimental Pop-ups: Supporting Tactical Urbanism in Pennsylvania | 1.50 CM
  • H4. Mitigating Blight for the Win: Greensburg’s Elevated Strategy Toolbox | 1.50 CM (view presentation) (view handout)
  • H5. Pennsylvania Ethics Act Review | 1.50 CM