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PA Chapter Committees


The Chapter has formed the following committees in order to promote planning to all levels. Each committee was formed to specifically help with trainings, legislative monitoring, membership recruitment, communication or public awareness efforts. Planning is an essential function in creating successful communities throughout Pennsylvania.  If you would like to join a committee please send us an email.

AICP members can earn CM credits by serving on APA/AICP boards, committees and divisions at the national, chapter, and section level, including service to advance members’ professional development…more information

Legislative Committee

To advocate for planning issues with local, state, and federal elected officials and monitor, make recommendations or take positions on State and Federal legislation or regulatory actions…(view more)

Members include:   
Chair, vacant
Shirley Yannich, PP, AICP, Vice-Chair      
Andrew Hartwell, AICP, Treasurer 
Richard Bickel, FAICP 
Ariam Ford 
Patrick Fero 
Kurt Haussammann, AICP 
George Pomeroy, PhD, AICP 
Pam Shellenberger, AICP 
Krista-Ann M. Staley 
Michael Stokes, AICP 
Jerry Walls, FAICP 

Professional Development Committee

The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to plan, produce, and assist others-especially sections–in producing professional development events and opportunities throughout the Commonwealth…(view more)

Members include:   
Susan Elks, AICP, Chair     
Tina Roseberry, AICP 
Leah Eppinger, AICP 
Amy Lynn Wiles, AICP 
Don King, AICP 
Jeremy Coxe 
Alexis Williams, AICP 
David McFarland, AICP 

Planning Officials Development Committee

The mission of the Planning Officials Development Committee to be the link between local Planning Officials and the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association to achieve good planning in the Commonwealth…(view more)

Members include:   
Troy Truax, AICP, Chair      
Jennifer Boyer, AICP 
Don King, AICP 
Kay Pierce 

Education Committee

To further the education and development of planners.  The Committee will serve as a clearinghouse for all Pennsylvania Chapter of APA planning training, education and related activities; will encourage and support sectional education and training activities; and will collaborate with institutions of higher education…(view more)

Members include:   
Chair, vacant     
Bob Begg 
Susan Elks, AICP 
Mike Frank 
Jim Gagliano 
Brian Johnson 
Stan Lembeck, PhD, AICP 
Lynn Mandarano 
David McFarland, AICP 
Jeff Raykes, AICP 
Peter Wulfhorst, AICP 

Awards Committee

The Annual Awards showcase distinguished individuals and successful planning projects – the best and brightest in Pennsylvania planning…(Annual Awards archive)

Members include:   
Denny Puko, Chair
Graciela Cavicchia, AICP, PP      
Brian O’Leary, AICP 
Robert Behling 
Jonathan Heilman, AICP 
Brandi Rosselli, AICP 

Great Places in Pennsylvania Committee

Great Places are unique, memorable places that work not only for their community, but as a model others want to emulate – places of exemplary character, quality, planning, identity, cultural interest, and community involvement with a sustainable vision for tomorrow…(Great Places archive)

Pam Shellenberger, AICP, Chair

Judges include:   
Julie Fitzpatrick 
Tom Hylton 
Sidney Kime, RLA, FASLA      
Scott Page, Principal 
Doniele Russell 
Jim Segedy, FAICP 
Kim Wheeler, AICP 
Peter Wulfhorst, AICP 

CommunicationS Committee / Membership Committee

The purpose of the communication committee is to promote better communication to our members.
The purpose of the membership committee is to increase and retain members, while increasing the cultural and professional diversity of the membership…(become a member)

Amy Evans, AICP, Chair Communications
Amy McKinney, Chair Membership
     Ariam Ford
     Rhiannon Haller, AICP
     Trish Lang, AICP
      Betsy Logan
     Brian O’Leary, AICP

Shale Energy Committee

Dennis Auker, AICP

PMPEI (PA Municipal Planning Education Institute)

The Institute is an educational collaboration of  the PA Chapter of the American Planning Association and the PA State Association of Boroughs to provide a unique educational service that would improve planning in Pennsylvania through education…(read more)

Stan Lembeck, PhD, AICP, PMPEI Representative

Chapter Representatives include:      
Jennifer Boyer, AICP  
George Fasic  
Williams Gomes, AICP  
Tina Roseberry, AICP