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Consultant Directory

Looking for a Professional Planner? Please feel free to contact the following members that have chosen to promote their business on our site:

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4ward Planning Inc.

Todd Poole
223 Fourth Avenue, Ste 800, Pittsburgh PA 15222
f: 866-989-0032
e: tpoole@landuseimpacts.com
w: www.landuseimpacts.com/

4ward Planning was established to assist local governments and developers achieve sustainable development outcomes through responsible, future-based planning. Our approach, founded in socio-economic analysis, seeks the optimum development or redevelopment program for a community, based on best-case outcomes within the social, environmental, fiscal, and economic systems (the “4” in 4ward Planning). We use qualitative and quantitative methods to study population and industry trends, and present land-use findings in a graphic-friendly manner, permitting ease of interpretation and distribution.

Hawk Valley Associates, P.CHawk Valley Associates, P.C.

J. Jerome Skrincosky, AICP
207 Maple Grove Road, Mohnton, PA 19540
t: (610) 775-7392
f: (610) 775-7396
e: Jerome@HawkValley.com
w: www.HawkValley.com 

Hawk Valley Associates (HVA) is a consulting firm specializing in community planning services. With over 30 years of professional experience in representing municipalities within Pennsylvania, HVA offers innovative and strategic solutions that are based upon fundamental principles. We have developed a variety of plans and ordinances that have lead to orderly growth by providing direction for the next generation to follow. Based upon our municipal experience combined with our unique qualifications, HVA has the capacities to meet the needs of your community. We invite you to visit our website, which outlines our services, team concept, contact information and recent achievements. Please contact us to learn more about HVA’s philosophy of “planning today for the needs of tomorrow”.

Mackin Engineering Company

Dennis Martinak, AICP
RIDC Park West
117 Industry Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15275
t: 412-788-0472
f: 412-787-3588
e: dmartinak@mackinengineering.com
w: www.mackinengineering.com

The Mackin brand has been built on establishing true and lasting partnerships with our clients.  Our sincere and proactive approach toward serving our clients allows us to develop the trust needed to collaborate on a variety of projects.  Passionate about our core values of Integrity, Quality, and Excellence, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that address your needs and surpass your expectations.

Mackin’s Planning Services Department has established a reputation of helping municipalities and organizations plan sensibly and responsibly – resulting in actionable and realistic strategies.  Our clients have found this philosophy to be an effective approach to resolving their issues as they are working with limited budgets and resources.  Please visit our website for more information about Mackin and how we can assist you on your next planning project.