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Healthy Communities in PA

Healthy Communities in PA

The Healthy Communities in PA task force focuses on the overlapping needs and resources of the planning and health communities.


What are Healthy Communities?

Healthy community design advocates work to link the fields of health and planning to ensure that those designing the built environment consistently consider health outcomes and those seeking to improve public health consider the physical environment.

When the Healthy Communities in PA Task Force uses the term healthy community design, it is related to this perspective of linking health and planning by professionals and advocates. The healthy communities we are trying to enable through design has a much more inclusive definition that covers many different aspects. For more extensive background on healthy communities in the broader context of community consider the following resources:

“Healthy community design is about planning and designing communities to make it easier for people to live healthy lives. Healthy community design encourages mixed land uses to bring people closer to the places where they live, work, worship, and play. Doing so reduces dependence on cars and provides affordable housing, good bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, space for social gathering, and access to transit, parks, and healthy foods.”

-U.S. Centers for Disease Control




What is the Healthy Communities in PA Task Force?

The Healthy Communities in PA Task Force combines the expertise of health and planning professionals to discuss the best ways to encourage healthy communities implementation in Pennsylvania. The Healthy Communities in PA Task Force was created with the assistance of a CDC Partnerships in Community Health Planners4Health grant from the national American Planning Association (APA).

The task force meet via regular telephone call and shares information by way of a list serve on google groups. Anyone wishing to further the implementation of healthy communities in Pennsylvania is welcome to join this google group list serve or by submitting your information in the contact us section of our website with the request “Join Healthy Communities in PA.”


Healthy Communities Resources