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AICP CM Opportunities

Below is a list of current AICP CM events which may also be found on our Calendar page. 

Webinar Wednesday: Climate Change Planning…

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Climate Change Planning for Vulnerable Neighborhoods We will introduce the county-wide climate change vulnerability assessment as well as other hazard mitigation-related projects undertaken by the Planning Commission. In 2020-2021, the Planning Commission utilized free public information on (A) historical flooding and flood-prone areas, (B) historically heat sensitive areas, and (C) disadvantaged populations in order to   

Mid-Atlantic Collaboration: Plan Integration for Resilience and Equity

Event date:  

Plan Integration for Resilience and Equity   Planners have a number of plans for which they are responsible. Two factors, climate resilience and equity, are top-of-mind as we try and integrate planning strategies to provide multiple benefits. The webinar would explore examples of successful plan integration and their relation to building in more resilient approaches   

Mid-Atlantic Collaboration: How to Leverage Conservation, Open Space and Parks…

Event date:  

How to Leverage Conservation, Open Space and Parks Funding to Maximize Multiple Benefits   How are localities leveraging conservation, open space and parks funding to maximize economic development, environmental stewardship, and quality of life? This webinar will explore the policies and opportunities that support conservation, recreation and open space at the local level.   More   

Mid-Atlantic Collaboration: One Water Approach…

Event date:  

The One Water Approach and How It Benefits to Bay   Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), aka. the “One Water” approach, has been embraced by APA as a best practice. Clean water goals have a strong connection to the One Water approach. This webinar will present local planning jurisdictions that have taken a One Water   

Mid-Atlantic Collaboration: Smart Growth Tools for Protecting Water Resources

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Smart Growth Tools for Protecting Water Resources   Water quality outcomes are directly tied to land use decisions made by local jurisdictions. This webinar would explore local land use scenarios that lead to triple-bottom-line (economic, social, environmental) results and pose questions on current land use trends watershed-wide that may threaten progress.   More information