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AICP CM Opportunities

Below is a list of current AICP CM events which may also be found on our Calendar page. Other CM resources are available on our Lending Library page.

SW Section Event: PA Agriculture…

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Southwest Section presents PA Agriculture: Local Planning, Regulations & Policies This 3-hour event intends to cover the following: Agricultural Law, Agricultural Planning Tools, Urban Agriculture, the Roles of the Conservation District, and Agricultural Issues in the Local Community. Specifically, Agricultural law will cover topics such as; right to farm, agricultural preservation, agricultural protection and security,   

Why Walking Matters

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Walking is something that nearly everyone does daily. Not only is it our most reliable form of transportation, it’s good for our collective health, has little impact on the environment, and is practically free. It makes sense that as a region we’d do all we could to make it as easy as possible to get   

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission Annual Luncheon

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Tri-County Regional Planning Commission Annual Luncheon Keynote Speech PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards is delivering the keynote speech at the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission’s 2017 annual luncheon. In her presentation, she will address Pennsylvania’s transportation priorities as well as the PennDOT Connects program and how it benefits local municipalities, enhances local engagement and improves transportation-project planning,   

Penn State Extension: Using Reverse Fiscal Impact Analysis…

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Penn State Extension provides research-based practical education you can trust. We help people, businesses, and communities solve problems, develop skills, and build a better future. http://extension.psu.edu/community/ecd/courses/land-use-planning Using Reverse Fiscal Impact Analysis in Pre-Disaster Planning Fiscal impact analysis is commonly used to determine the impact of land development on a municipal, county or school budget. However,   

Central Section Event: Stormwater Management

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Central Section presents: Stormwater Management: Compliance, Coordination & Cost! This workshop will provide an overview of many facets of managing stormwater to improve water quality. Presenters include a regulator, county and local municipalities, an ecologicial and restoration design firm and a civil engineering firm, all of whom are working to not only meet water quality   

2017 Classic Towns Trolley Tour

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2017 Classic Towns Trolley Tour Friday, May 19, 2017, 8:00 AM — 4:30 PM Tour starts at Cosi, 50 Yorktown Plaza, Elkins Park, PA 19027 Tickets: $25 (includes breakfast and lunch and 5.75 AICP CM credits) Register at: https://dvrpc.ticketleap.com/2017trolleytour/   8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast (Free all-day parking available at Yorktown Plaza.) 8:45 AM Cheltenham   

Solutions for Walkability Challenges

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As Philadelphia continues its renaissance into a 24-hour city and its surrounding suburbs become more urbanized, working with developers to add pedestrian amenities to new construction (while filling in the missing pieces of existing pedestrian infrastructure) is the new norm. How are planners and municipal staff succeeding in filling in these gaps? And how can   

Education and Outreach to Promote Walkability

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By now you all know that walking–and having a safe space to do it in–is important for everyone’s mobility and health. But what’s the best way of communicating this? And more importantly, how can we educate about and promote walkability to the groups who rely on it the most–our region’s youth (who may be inexperienced   

2017 Planning Law Review

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2017 Planning Law Review The U.S. Supreme Court, federal courts, and state courts all play an important role in shaping planning throughout the country. This annual review delves into the important cases, the decisions that were made — or not made — and how this will affect planning at many levels. Legal experts and members