Certification Maintenance

Certification Maintenance (CM) strengthens the value of AICP certification, demonstrating ongoing commitment to excellence to elected officials, community leaders, and employers. AICPs must earn 32 credits for approved training over a 2 year cycle, including 1.5 credits for law and 1.5 credits for ethics. There are multiple opportunities to earn CM credit, including free webcast courses, the PA Chapter’s annual conference, and other events. For a full listing of CM training available in Pennsylvania, visit the AICP CM Opportunities list. For additional information on the CM program, visit APA’s AICP website section.

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Becoming a CM Provider/Planning a CM Activity

For information on becoming a CM provider see APA’s website, contact APA at AICPCM@planning.org or call 202-872-0611 or 312-431-9100. 

For information on planning a CM activity, contact the PA Chapter office early in your planning process (at least 3 months in advance of the training event) to receive the CM Activity Toolkit. The kit contains all the information you need to register your event for CM and PA Chapter staff is available as well to help with questions.

For questions about CM please feel free to contact the PA Chapter office at info@planningpa.org / 717-671-4510 and APA at AICPCM@planning.org / 202-872-0611 or 312-431-9100.