2021 Annual Conference Presentations

The following presentations have been approved to be on our website. The Pennsylvania Chapter is not responsible for the materials or opinions presented during the conference.

If you were a presenter at the conference and wish to share your presentation email them to info@planningpa.org and we will post them. Thank you for attending our conference, we will see you next year in Lancaster.

Presentations are below:

Main Sessions

  • Opening Plenary: Regional Perspectives of Planning in Southwest Pennsylvania | 1.25 CM
  • Pitkin Lecture: Mapping the Dollars and Sense of Land Use Patterns | 1.25 CM
  • Plenary: Grounded in Green Stormwater Infrastructure | 1.25 CM (view presentation)

Mobiles Workshops

  • M1. Enjoy the View: Mt. Washington Tactical Urbanism Installation | 2.50 CM
  • M3. Riverfronts for All: Creating an Equitable, Continuous Public Space System Along Pittsburgh’s Rivers | 2.50 CM
  • M4. How Three Southwestern Pennsylvania Rivertowns Became the First Three Certified EcoDistricts in the World | 3.00 CM
  • M5. Planning Pittsburgh | 3.00 CM

Concurrent Sessions A

  • A1. Addressing a Legacy of Inequality: Equity and Environmental Justice | 1.50 CM
  • A2. Adaptability In Your Superpower: How to Unleash It | 1.50 CM
  • A3. Authentic Engagement is More Than Just Outreach | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • A4. Equitable Public Outreach in an Uncertain Future: Creative Engagement Methods for the Spring Garden Street Improvement Project in Philadelphia | 1.50 CM
  • A5. De-Mystifying Real Estate Appraisals: The Appraisals: The Appraisal Process, Highest and Best Use, and Market Value Opinions Explained | 1.50 CM
  • A6. Restoring and Restarting the Suburbs in a Pandemic | 1.50 CM

Concurrent Sessions B

  • B2. New Rules, Same Mission, What Will Community Engagement Look Like Post-Pandemic | 0.75 CM
  • B3. Linking County and Municipal Planning Through Regional Planning | 0.75 CM (view presentation)
  • B5. Multimodal Transportation and Land Use Plans in Uncertain Times: How to Plan for Major Development While Meeting Neighborhood Needs | 0.75 CM
  • B6. How Different Communities Can Approach Hot Topics & Trends in Zoning | 0.75 CM
  • B7. Easy Rider: Your Guide to Level of Comfort Bike Mapping | 0.75 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Sessions C

  • C2. What to Do With All That Water | 0.75 CM (view presentation)
  • C3. Providing for Missing Middle Housing in the Suburbs | 0.75 CM
  • C5. Overcoming Uncertainty: Disaster Recovery Planning in Paradise, CA and Minneapolis, MN | 0.75 CM
  • C6. Using Open Space to Deliver Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits | 0.75 CM
  • C7. Where We Ride: For Bicycle and Pedestrian Networks and Improvements | 0.75 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Sessions D

  • D1. Addressing Nature-Based Placemaking, Active Transportation and Health within your Community Plans | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • D2. Crossroads of Choice and Change in Pittsburgh | 1.25 CM
  • D3. Intergenerational Community Engagement and Planning: Values and Practices | 1.25 CM
  • D4. Trauma-Informed Planning to Address Food Insecurity in Pittsburgh | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • D5. Regional Transportation and Land Use Planning: Collaboration, Coordination and Engagement in a Two-County MPO | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • D6. Analysis, Visualization and Community Engagement: Using ArcGIS Urban as an Integrated Planning    Tool | 1.25 CM
  • D7. AICP: Is This Certification For You? (view presentation)

Concurrent Sessions E

  • E1. It Doesn’t Have to be Hard: Implementing County and Municipal Complete Streets Policies | 1.50 CM (view presentation by Edmond) (view presentation by Grace) (view presentation by Guttenplan) (view presentation by Riegner)
  • E2. ‘Art’ful Conversation | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • E3. Multimodal Superfriends: The Justice League of Southwestern PA and New Tools for Transit Planning | 1.50 CM
  • E4. Planning in Rural Communities: Challenges and Opportunities of Creating a County’s First Rural Community Active Transportation Plan | 1.50 CM
  • E5. The Right-of-Way Wars: Outdoor Dining and Other Public Space Responses to COVID-19 | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • E6. Pennsylvania Land Use Law Update: Appellate Cases from 2020-2021 | 1.50 CM

Concurrent Sessions F

  • F1. SolSmart: How Planners Can Accelerate Solar Energy Growth | 1.50 CM (view presentation by Dunlap) (view presentation by Gilliland)
  • F2. Customer Assistance Programs: Protecting Access to Water for All | 1.50 CM
  • F3. Transforming Transportation: Planning for a Post COVID World…Pennsylvania’s Long Range Transportation Plan and Freight Movement Plan | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • F4. Innovative Zoning Codes for Rapidly Changing Times | 1.50 CM
  • F5. Developing Planning Leaders for the Future | 1.50 CM
  • F6. Should We Have an Ordinance for That: Revisited | 1.50 CM
  • F7. Inequity in the Tax System and Other Common Causes of Municipal Failure | 1.50 CM

Concurrent Sessions G

  • G2. Tourism Resiliency in Pennsylvania in a Climate Changing, Post COVID World | 1.50 CM
  • G3. Trail Towns, River Towns, Outdoor Towns: Recent Experiences Across the Commonwealth in Nature Based Placemaking | 1.50 CM
  • G4. Form-Based Zoning on a Shoe-String Budget | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • G5. Community Land Trusts: Investing in Affordable Housing and Neighborhood Stability | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • G6. Pennsylvania Ethics Act Review | 1.50 CM