2015 Annual Conference Presentations

The following presentations have been approved to be on our website. The Pennsylvania Chapter is not responsible for the materials or opinions presented during the conference.
If you were a presenter at the conference and wish to share your presentation email them to info@planningpa.org and we will post them.

General Information:

Final Program

Thank you for coming to the Annual Conference, we will see you next year in Allentown: Communities, Corridors, and Connections
Presentations are below:

Main Sessions

  • Opening Keynote: The 8-80 City: Creating Vibrant and Healthy Communities for All | 1.25 CM
  • Pitkin Lecture: Making the Case for Planning | 1.0 CM
  • Plenary: Sustainability: Fad, Fashion or Reality? | 1.50 CM

Mobile Workshops

  • M1. Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Heritage Trail-Connecting Neighborhoods, Businesses and Local Attractions | 2.50 CM
  • M2. Emergent Millvale: How Diverse, Citizen-led Projects Can Collectively Create Effective Placemaking | 3.0 CM (view handout)
  • M3. Over the River & Up the Hill Transportation History | 2.0 CM
  • M4. Pittsburgh as Planning History Tour | 3.0 CM
  • M5. Walking Exploration of Pittsburgh to Find 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design | 1.50 CM

Concurrent Sessions A

Concurrent Sessions B

Concurrent Sessions C

  • C1. 44 Communities for Water Quality: York County’s Regional Stormwater Approach | 1.25 CM
  • C2. Planning for Place: Utilizing Data, Policy and Design Solutions to Support Placemaking within the Framework of a Traditional Comprehensive Plan | 1.25 CM
  • C3. Community Resiliency Planning through Floodplain Analysis | 1.25 CM
  • C4. From Blight to Bright: Latest Developments in Blight and Land Banking | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • C5. Addressing the So-Called Agenda 21 ‘Conspiracy’ | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • C7. Boomer Planners-Our Legacy to Pennsylvania Planning

Concurrent Sessions D

  • D1. Preparing for the AICP Exam (view presentation)
  • D2. Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • D3. Planning for Healthy Communities: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • D4. Planning Consultants Roundtable | 1.25 CM
  • D5. How Municipalities Can Fight the Challenge of Vacancy | 1.25 CM(view presentation)
  • D7. Grass Roots Success Story-East Ohio Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements | 1.25 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Sessions E

  • E1. Planning Ethics and Ethical Planning Decisions | 1.50 CM Ethics
  • E2. Review of Recent Land Use Decisions of the Commonwealth and Federal Courts and State Agencies | 1.50 CM Law
  • E3. New Market Tax Credits | 1.50 CM (view presentation 1) (view presentation 2) (view presentation 3)
  • E4. Engaging Communities in Large Landscape Planning | 1.50 CM
  • E7. Fast-Fun-Fervent (view presentations)

Technology Salon

Concurrent Sessions F

  • F1. Reimagining Our Relationship with Rain: Stormwater Solutions that Promote Efficiency, Reduce Cost and Enhance Communities | 1.25 CM
  • F2. Energy Production Patterns and Community Impacts in Pennsylvania: Data Access and Analysis to Inform Planning | 1.25 CM
  • F3. SEPTA’s Bike Action Plan: If You Build It,”Wheel” They Come? | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • F4. Millennials and Social Media: Their Impacts on Planning, Land Use, and Design of Places | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • F5. From Big Rigs to Buggies: A Lincoln Highway for All Users | 1.25 CM (view presentation 1) (view presentation 2) (view presentation 3) (Route 30 Streetscape Plan) (Planning Process)
  • F6. Effective TDM Implementation in Congested Corridors (view handout) (view presentation)
  • F7. Multi-Municipal Planning: Successfully Navigating Competing Interests, Shifting Priorities, and Hidden Agendas | 1.25 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Sessions G

  • G1. Shining  a Light on Implementing Solar in Your Community | 1.50 CM (view handout 1) (view handout 2)
  • G2. Legislative Update | 1.50 CM Law
  • G3. Innovative Tools to Expand Public Participation in Transportation Planning | 1.50 CM
  • G4. Ethics Case Study: Homewood Station Transit Oriented Development Study | 1.50 CM Ethics
  • G5. Utilizing Planning Methods in the Public Works Department | 1.50 CM
  • G6. The CDC as a Catalyst for Smart Growth and Investment | 1.50 CM
  • G7. Making Use of Big Data-What You Can Learn from Detailed Real Estate Data | 1.50 CM