2020 Annual Conference Presentations

The following presentations have been approved to be on our website. The Pennsylvania Chapter is not responsible for the materials or opinions presented during the conference.

If you were a presenter at the conference and wish to share your presentation email them to info@planningpa.org and we will post them. Thank you for attending our virtual conference, we will see you next year in Pittsburgh.

Presentations are below:


Main Sessions

  • Opening Keynote | Planning for the 2020s and Beyond | 1.00 CM (view presentation)
  • Plenary | Conservation in a Changing Climate | 1.00 CM
  • Pitkin Lecture | Relevant Conservation Subdivision Design Examples from Other States | 1.00 CM (view presentation) (view handout)

Concurrent Session A

  • A1. Municipal Led Mobility Studies: Successes in Ferguson Township | 0.75 CM (view presentation)
  • A2. Phoenixville Rising: Addressing Housing Need in a Growing Community | 0.75 CM (view presentation)
  • A3. Zoning for Difficult Land Uses | 0.75 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Session B

  • B1. Beyond the Public Meeting: Easy but Effective Tools for Community Engagement | 0.75 CM 
  • B2. Reviving Small Town America | 0.75 CM (view presentation)
  • B3. Redesigning Transit Systems to Meet the Changing Needs of Riders | 0.75 CM
  • B4. Legislative Update

Concurrent Session C

  • C1. How to Select the Best Revitalization Strategies for Your Community | 1.00 CM
  • C2. The Great Plans That Taste Great Together: You’ve Got Your Bikes, Scooters and Parks in my Social Determinates of Health | 1.00 CM (view presentation)
  • C3. A Planner’s Guide to Traditional and Nontraditional Preservation Tools | 1.00 CM

Concurrent Session D

  • D1. Nature: Our Best Tool for Preserving Rural Places | 1.50 CM
  • D2. Pennsylvania Land Use Law Update: Appellate Cases from 2019-2020 | 1.50 CM Law (view presentation)
  • D3. Equitable Engagement to Create an Implementable Comprehensive Plan | 1.50 CM Ethics (view presentation)

Concurrent Session E

  • E1. Should We Have an Ordinance for That? | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • E2. Planning a Bicycle Network for Downtown Scranton | 1.25 CM
  • E3. Scranton-Abingtons Planning Association: Regionalizing City, Town, Suburban and Rural Zoning | 1.25 CM
  • E4. Calling All Students: What’s Your Path Forward? (view presentation)

Concurrent Session F

  • F1. Land Use Law Updates | 1.50 CM Law
  • F2. Stuck in the Middle: Stabilizing PA Legacy Cities by Investing in Middle Neighborhoods | 1.50 CM
  • F3. Building Better Bus Stops | 1.50 CM

Concurrent Session G

  • G1. ProAct Now: Prepare Your Community for Technological Change | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • G2. Rural by Design | 1.25 CM
  • G3. AICP: Is This Certification for You? (view presentation)