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Farmland Preservation – CM credit not available

The impact of lost farmland extends beyond aesthetics into lost food sources, a way of life, and balance between rural and urban areas. In the past 15 years, a set of sophisticated new tools, such as tax devices and Right to Farm laws, has created a new playing field. Learn how this relates to urban   

Form-Based Zoning – CM credit not available

In most U.S. cities, zoning codes may hinder the building of neighborhoods and towns using the proven urban patterns that once were commonplace. Conventional zoning codes may result in a brutal, placeless landscape that alienates residents and degrades the built environment. Learn about form-based codes and see developments where conventional codes have been replaced. This   

Green Community Planning, CM credit not available

A green community is much more than a green roof or open space plan. Find out how to increase the energy efficiency of your community, create green affordable housing, and learn how to use indicators to benchmark your green performance. Experts provide international and domestic case studies, explain how you can start planning for a   

LEED for Neighborhoods – CM credit not available

The green building movement, which focuses on the environmental quality and impact of the design, construction, and operation of buildings, has expanded to the neighborhood level. Find out how green building practices are being linked to smart growth, urban design, and public health through LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Neighborhood Development. Learn   

Meeting the Sign Regulation Challenge – CM credit not available

Two programs explore how to create effective and defensible sign regulations. Keep your community beautiful and safe from legal challenges to your sign ordinance. Program #1 – Issues in Sign Regulation: Explores one of the most contentious issues in planning. Bring your knowledge up to date, examine new legal challenges, and learn to make your   

New Urbanist Codes – CM credit not available

More and more communities are adopting regulations to implement the principles of new urbanism. New urbanist code models are now being published and used. Discover what legal issues these regulations raise and learn the dos and don’ts of drafting new urbanist regulations and using model codes. This session is from APA’s 2004 National Planning Conference.   

4. Planning for a Low-Energy Future – CM credit not available

How can communities, businesses, and individuals work toward greater sustainability? Explore a rich array of case studies demonstrating how communities of all sizes are reducing their use of energy and preserving resources.   CD-ROM includes a recording of this session from the 2007 APA National Planning Conference synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation, program transcript, PowerPoint presentation