Meeting the Sign Regulation Challenge – CM credit not available

Two programs explore how to create effective and defensible sign regulations. Keep your community beautiful and safe from legal challenges to your sign ordinance.

Program #1 – Issues in Sign Regulation: Explores one of the most contentious issues in planning. Bring your knowledge up to date, examine new legal challenges, and learn to make your community’s sign program legally defensible.

Program #2 – Context-Sensitive Signs: Speakers explain how to make signs an urban design asset and an economic development tool. Learn the legal requirements of constitutionally sound sign ordinances and examine case studies of signs that blend visually with other aspects of design.

CD-ROM includes a recording of both of these programs synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation, program transcript, PowerPoint presentation note sheets, and supplemental reading materials.

Faculty – Issues in Sign Regulation:

  • Eric Damian Kelly, FAICP, Ball State University

Faculty – Context-Sensitive Signs:

  • Leslie Bethel, Clarion Associates
  • Marya Morris, American Planning Association
  • Randal Morrison, Attorney and Land Consultant on Sign Regulation
  • Mark Young, Principal Planner, Flagstaff, Arizona