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Philadelphia2035 Comprehensive Plan

2018 Award for Special Achievement
Philadelphia2035 Comprehensive Plan

Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Philadelphia2035 is the official vision for the future of the city’s development, the first written comprehensive plan since the 1960 plan under the directorship of Edmund Bacon. Philadelphia2035 is the culmination of research, outreach, collaboration, and planning with multiple partners and stakeholders. Over the period of nine years, the city completely overhauled its plan, rewrote the city’s zoning code, added a civic design review process, institutionalized a civic engagement arm of city government, and created a process to implement plan recommendations through exchange meetings and zoning remapping. Almost every aspect of work has been done in-house by the staff of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. The plan aims to position Philadelphia to THRIVE in the center of a competitive region, CONNECT seamlessly to the region and the world, and RENEW valuable resources to sustain a bright future. (more information)

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