Student Engagement


To provide support for students aspiring to enter the Planning profession and provide information on Planning as a profession and component of core civics curriculum to all students.

The duties of the committee shall include:

  • Serve as a clearinghouse for student opportunities
  • Organize opportunities for students to engage with Planning
  • Collaborate with educational institutions
  • Coordinate with APA regarding student opportunities
  • Support the Chapter Board and Sections in advancing our mission

 Student Engagement Committee includes the following:

  • Susan Elks, AICP, Chair
  • John Benhart, Jr., PhD.
  • Jeff Doshna, PhD., AICP
  • Mason Gilbert
  • Matthew Hess
  • Dottie Ives-Dewey, PhD., AICP, PP
  • Raymond Joseph, AICP, PP
  • Kiersten Mailler
  • Dave Manhardt, AICP, PP
  • Jeff Raykes, D.Ed., AICP
  • Abbey Roberts, AICP Candidate
  • Nate Staruch