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The Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for professional planners and planning officials, as well as other organizations and individuals interested in planning.

Approximately 2500 members strong, the Chapter works to promote planning at all levels of the Commonwealth through workshops, meetings, an annual conference, legislative monitoring and public awareness efforts. Members participate with various groups with shared values and goals.

Members receive information through a quarterly publication, The Vantage Point, and through regular updates on the website. In addition, the six sections of the Chapter provide local services to members and others through program meetings, local workshops and newsletters.

The Chapter is a partner of the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Education Institute (PMPEI), along with Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension. The Institute provides training to planning commission members, zoning officers and zoning hearing board members throughout Pennsylvania.

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Chapter Membership Categories
It’s easier and more affordable than ever for students and new planners to get started in APA. In fact, membership is now free for any student actively enrolled or matriculated in any university or college degree program. It remains free for the duration of an individual’s studies. “Free” includes APA, APA chapter, and AICP membership as well as membership in up to five APA divisions. Student members will be eligible for two years of reduced dues after ending their studies.

With free membership and lots of benefits, the American Planning Association is where you belong!


Emerging Professional: Entitled to one vote and all membership benefits. After graduation you will be in the “Emerging Professional” category for the first 5 years; paying a low membership fee annually.
              Emerging Professional – $52
Individual Membership: Entitled to one vote and all membership benefits.
               Professional – $104
               Citizen – $76
Non-Profit Organizations: Includes up to three (3) members, each of whom receives all membership benefits. Each organization designates one (1) voting member.
               Non Profit – $79
Consultant: Includes up to seven (7) members, each of whom receives all membership benefits. Each organization designates (1) voting member.
               Consultant – $254
Organizational Membership: Includes up to ten (10) members, each of whom receives all membership benefits.* Each organization designates one (1) voting member.
              Municipalities over 100,000 – $254
              Municipalities between 25,000-100,000 – $148
              Municipalities between 2,000-24,999 – $102
              Municipalities less than 2,000 – $80
              Counties Classes 2, 2A, 3 – $254
              Counties Classes 4 and 5 – $162
              Counties Classes 6, 7, 8 – $127
              Municipal Authorities – $79
              Regional Authorities – $127
              Joint County & Regional Agencies – $254
              State Offices – $254

*Organizational Membership may add additional members from the same agency for $15.00 each to a maximum of 5 members.

Membership dues run by the calendar year (January through December). New members joining after March 31st should call the office (717-671-4510) for a prorated amount; if you are joining between January 1st through March 31st, you will pay the full dues amount.

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