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Millvale Pivot 2.0 EcoDistrict Plan

2016 Planning Excellence Award – Plan Other Than a Comprehensive Plan
Millvale Pivot 2.0 EcoDistrict Plan

evolveEA, Millvale Borough, Millvale Community Development Corporation, Millvale Community Library, New Sun Rising, Sisters of Saint Francis at Mt. Alvernia

The Pivot 2.0 EcoDistrict Plan successfully continues the multi-year efforts of this classic Western Pennsylvania milltown to use its new EcoDistrict identity and culture to improve quality of life and attract new residents and businesses.  The plan emphasizes placemaking in addition to sustainability, plus building capacity for creating successes.  Results have included construction of raingardens, $1 million in funding to construct a food hub, opening of new food-related businesses, and expansion of the town’s community garden in hopes of providing up to 95% of the food needs for Millvale’s restaurants.  Plus, Millvale is pursuing construction of a solar farm to produce the community’s electricity.

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