Green City, Clean Waters Plan

2014 Annual Award winner – Planning Excellence Award – Implementation
Awarded to the Philadelphia Water Department

Green City, Clean Waters is Philadelphia’s innovative plan that calls for green stormwater infrastructure to reduce combined sewer overflow by 85% and drastically reduce related pollutants. The plan lays out a 25-year agenda of public investment, private property retrofits, and regulations on new development. The aim is to redirect runoff from over 9,000 acres of impervious surface away from the sewer system and instead to irrigate vegetation and infiltrate into the soil. Since 2011, the Philadelphia Water Department has completed 97 public projects, provided over $14 million in retrofit incentives, and overseen stormwater management on 396 new development sites, with hundreds more projects in design or under construction.

A link to the Philadelphia Green City, Clean Waters webpage can be found here>>