Central Section Event: Stormwater Management

Central Section Event (May 18, 2017)
Stormwater Management: Compliance, Coordination & Cost! This workshop provided an overview of many facets of managing stormwater to improve water quality.

The following presentations have been approved to be on our website. The Pennsylvania Chapter is not responsible for the materials or opinions presented during the event.

  • Stormwater Management: Big Picture, Lee McDonnell
  • Stormwater Management: Regional Initiative, Felicia Dell, AICP (view presentation)
  • Economic Ecology – Pollution Removal & Flood Reduction at a Regional Scale, Mark & Kelly Gutshall
  • Creating a Stormwater Authority, Mike Callahan, CPSS and Adrienne Vicari, PE (view presentation)
  • EPA Audit Experience, Sue Barry, Scott Hain, Mike LaSala, and Elijah Yearick, AICP (view presentation)


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