2017 Annual Conference Presentations

The following presentations have been approved to be on our website. The Pennsylvania Chapter is not responsible for the materials or opinions presented during the conference.
If you were a presenter at the conference and wish to share your presentation email them to info@planningpa.org and we will post them.

Thank you for coming to the Annual Conference, we will see you next year in Erie.
Presentations are below:

Conference Announcement

Attendee List

Final Program

Main Sessions

  • Opening Keynote – Transforming Towns into Changemaker Communities | 1.25 CM
  • Pitkin Lecture – Small Town in the Big City: Jane Jacobs of Pennsylvania | 1 CM
  • Plenary – Medical Marijuana | 1.50 CM Law (view presentation)

Mobile Workshops

  • M2. The Slab Cabin Run Initiative: A Landscape Level Approach to Source Water Protection, Stream Restoration and Ag Land Preservation | 2.50 CM
  • M3. Converging Waters: The Challenges of Migrating Towards an Integrated Water Resources Management Model in the Centre Region | 2 CM
  • M4. A Brief Campus Sustainability Tour and Potential Tools to Support Sustainable Community Projects | 2.50 CM

Concurrent Sessions A

  • A1. Replanting Penn’s Woods in Lancaster City | 1.25 CM
  • A2. Complete Streets in Rural Pennsylvania | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • A3. Community Living: One Big, Happy Non-family | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • A4. Connecting with the Community: Maximizing Public Participation in Planning Initiatives | 1.25 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Sessions B

  • B1. Images and Ethics | 1.50 CM Ethics
  • B2. Two Sides of the Same Coin: Plan Implementation through Zoning and P3s | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • B3. The Legal Aspects of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania | 1.50 CM Law
  • B4. Mechanisms for Cultivating Collaborative Relationships Between Town and Gown | 1.50 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Sessions C

  • C1. AICP Exam: The New Format | No CM (view presentation)
  • C2. Placemaking Using an Economic Development Study: A Data and Market Based Approach | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • C3. Real Estate Finance for Planners: A Very Short Course | 1.25 CM
  • C4. Buses Are Not Just For Big Cities: A Discussion of Transit Planning for Small and Rural Communities | 1.25 CM
  • C5. Aging in Place: New Government Mandates and the Effects on Local Communities of the Coming Wave | 1.25 CM
  • C6. Municipalities and Water Resources: Planning for the Long Term | 1.25 CM

Concurrent Sessions D

  • D1. PennDOT Connects: Pennsylvania’s New Program Supporting Active Transportation | 1.25 CM
  • D2. Overcoming Obstacles to Municipal Cooperation: The Wissahickon Creek Water Quality | 1.25 CM
  • D3. Local Actions, Regional Results: Prioritizing Municipal Strategies for Improving Water Quality | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • D4. Planning for Private Drinking Water Supplies | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • D5. Integrating Green Infrastructure into Pittsburgh’s Urban Fabric | 1.25 CM
  • D6. Connecting a Community through Collaborative Economic Development | 1.25 CM (view presentation)
  • D7. Bicycling Beyond the Big Cities: Enhancing On-Road Cycling in Small Towns and Suburban Communities | 1.25 CM (view presentation)

Concurrent Sessions E

  • E1. Fast-Fun-Fervent | No CM
    • Evaluating the Extreme Weather Vulnerabilities of Transportation (view presentation)
    • Medical Marijuana is a Good This for your Neighborhood (view presentation)
    • What a Strange Brew
    • Perceptions in Downtown Neighborhoods: Unique Ways of Looking at the Ordinary
    • Digital Governance in Pennsylvania: Successes, Opportunities, and Challenges-Recommendations for the State Planning Board (view presentation)
  • E2. Land Use Law Update: Annual Review of Federal and State Court and Agency Decisions | 1.50 CM Law
  • E3. MPC Refresher: Key Provisions, What’s New, Tips for Users | 1.50 CM (view handout)
  • E4. Approaches to Align Plans and Market Demand | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • E5. How to Create an Overlay Zoning Ordinance to Provide Strong Source-Water Protection for Groundwater Quality
  • E6. Repurposing Stranded Real Estate Assets as a New Form of Transit Oriented Development | 1.50 CM 
    View Session
  • E7. Implementing Tactical Urbanism/Placemaking in a Pennsylvania 3rd Class City: A Model for Better Community Engagement | 1.50 CM
    View Session

Concurrent Sessions F

  • F1. Transitioning to Management: The Ups and Downs | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • F2. Putting “Implementable” Comprehensive Plans into Practice | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • F3. Healthy Communities: Who, What, Why | 1.50 CM (view presentation 1) (view presentation 2) (view presentation 3)
  • F4. Trends in GIS for Planning: 3D Modeling, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality for Community Engagement, Zoning Analysis, and Infrastructure Management | 1.50 CM
  • F5. Workshops with Results | 1.50 CM
  • F6. Applying New GIS Mapping Tools Across Municipal Functions: Economic Development, Land Use, Asset Management and More | 1.50 CM
  • F7. Freight Planning in Pennsylvania: Featuring a Case Study of the Harrisburg MPO | 1.50 CM

Concurrent Sessions G

  • G1. The PA Ethics Act and its Relevance to Planners | 1.50 CM Ethics
  • G2. Community Heart & Soul: Engaging Residents through the Humanities to Find What Matters Most | 1.50 CM (view presentation) (view Vantage Point page 16) (view article)
  • G3. Pittsburgh’s EcoInnovation District: Lessons Learned in Equity, Sustainability, and Mobility | 1.50 CM
  • G4. 2-D Maps to 4-D Thinking: The Building Block Approach to Floodplain Planning | 1.50 CM
  • G5. Innovative Approaches to Guide Policy Decisions and Land Use | 1.50 CM (view presentation)
  • G6. Oh S***, How Did This Happen? | 1.50 CM
  • G7. Nature-Based Placemaking: Using Natural Assets as Economic Generators | 1.50 CM (view presentation)