Public Anger and Community Decision Making – CM credit not available

This program is a follow-up to APA’s Dealing With an Angry Public CD-ROM training package. Have local governments failed in the ways they treat citizens in planning and decision making? Learn the skills planning commissioners and staff need to handle public meetings and develop an effective review process. Find out who is angry and why. Explore issues that influence public meetings. Learn to handle public anger and manage the commission’s meetings. Hear techniques to sidetrack public anger.

CD-ROM includes a recording of this audio session synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation, program transcript, PowerPoint presentation note sheets, and supplemental reading materials.


  • George Bochanis, Planning Commissioner, Henderson, Nevada
  • William Lamont, AICP, Former Planning Director, Denver, Colorado
  • Debra Stein, President, GCA Strategies
  • Rodney Cobb, Staff Attorney, American Planning Association
  • Moderator: Stuart Meck, AICP, American Planning Association