• Become a Sponsor!

    The Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association is an organization of 3000 professionals and citizen planners providing vision and leadership for the future development of Pennsylvania’s communities. Being a sponsor for the Annual Conference is a valuable means to show support for planning in our state. Take advantage of a range of benefits especially   

  • Great Places Initiative

    The Pennsylvania Chapter of APA is looking for Great Neighborhoods and Great Public Spaces in Pennsylvania.  These Great Places are unique, memorable places that work not only for their community, but as a model others want to emulate – places of exemplary character, quality, planning, identity, cultural interest, and community involvement with sustainable vision for   

  • Nominations for 2014 Annual Awards

    The PA Chapter of APA is pleased to invite nominations for the 2014 Annual Awards to be presented at the Annual Conference, October 14, 2014, in Philadelphia. 
    Deadline to submit award nominations are June 13th. 

  • Spring Planning Forum: Making It Great Now

    Making it Great Now is a full-day program offered at two locations within the state that focuses on revitalization strategies for Pennsylvania communities.  The program will emphasize projects operating within short planning horizons using limited resources – strategies and methods that can be rapidly deployed, quickly implemented, and readily realized to advance community goals.  The   

  • Student Scholarships Available!

    Every year the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association offers a scholarship program to support individuals seeking funds for academic degree programs, internships, and professional development activities that enhance planning at the local, regional, state, and national levels.