• Spring Forum: Solutions to the Alphabet Soup of Water Regulations|5.5 CM

    Time is running out…REGISTER NOW for Spring Forum! The forum will focus on understanding water regulations and responding to requirements with projects that address needs, build partnerships, and capitalize on overlapping interests. The event will help attendees clarify their understanding of TMDL, MS4, stormwater, and other water-based issues…

  • Statewide Training: Public/Private Partnerships|3CM (1.5 Law)

    Public/Private Partnerships (P3) – Statewide Training | $30 sponsored by the PA Chapter of the American Planning Association and the PA Local Government Training Partnership   Dates & Locations May 5: Wexford, PA May 6: State College, PA May 19: Camp Hill, PA May 20:Philadelphia, PA Join Sean Garrigan and Matt Ward to cover P3   

  • Great Places Initiative

    We want to hear from you! The Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association is looking for Great Places in two categories: Great Neighborhoods and Great Public Spaces. Great Places are unique, memorable places that work not only for their community.  Nominate a Great Neighborhood or Great Public Space by April 10th, to be considered for designation in 2015.

  • Career Advice for Emerging Planners

    Our colleagues over at APA Arizona put together this tremendously helpful brochure, for which they surveyed more than 800 planners across the country. Whether you’re looking for a job or just want some interviewing/employment advice, it’s tremendously helpful.