PA APA New Management Company

DRI Professional Services Forms Management Partnership with Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association

Press Release

DRI Professional Services has been selected by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association (PA APA) to provide full management services for the association.

In the new partnership with PA APA, DPS will provide assistance with administration, customer service, finance and accounting, education, meeting services, scholarship, membership, marketing, sales, web site and social media, and publications.

“DPS is honored to have been selected to serve as the association management company for the PA APA,” said Tyler Howes, CEO, DPS.  “Our team is excited and motivated to work with the chapter on their new development plan and looks forward to a strong future.”

“The expertise and attention to detail is what excites us most about our new partnership with DPS,” said PA APA President James Cowhey. “PA APA deeply values transparency and partnership, and we are excited to work with our new DPS team on new and exciting ways to create more value for our members.”

Press Release