Land Use Planning and Decision-Making Webinars

Penn State Extension and the PA Chapter of APA present Land Use Planning and Decision-Making Webinars.

These webinars aim to benefit land owners, farmers, elected and appointed officials, developers, and community members who are involved in decision-making processes regarding using or preserving natural resources.  These monthly webinars are offered from 12-1:15 PM.  Contact Jeff Himes (570-724-9120) for any questions

Upcoming Events

  1. February 19: Transit-Oriented/Walkable Communities
  2. March 19: Dealing with Community Data
  3. April 16: Landscapes and Greenways in Pennsylvania – What is the meaning of these terms, and what are their implications for Pennsylvania Communities
  4. May 21: PA Housing Research Center’s Subdivision and Land Development Guidelines: A Tool for better design in Pennsylvania
  5. June 18: Easements Made Easy – Applying Conservation Easements on the Landscapes and Greenways of Pennsylvania’s Communities

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