PennDOT Access Managment Form

PennDOT Access Management

Recognizing key county and municipal roles in managing roadway access, the Department has recently updated Pub 574, Access Management Handbook, containing three tiers of access management techniques and model ordinance language for use by Pennsylvania counties and/or municipalities. Training participants will be provided with an overview of the handbook, several case study examples, and a review of the model ordinance contents.

The second half of the training will contain a short section on the Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP) component of managing access, which has recently been updated as an online “e-permitting” system (“EPS”). This new system includes a “Municipality Portal” that provides local governments with direct access to key HOP information as permit applications are submitted. The training will provide municipal managers, planners and engineers with hands-on instruction on this new tool that they will need to be working with for their municipalities.

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