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Webinar Wednesday: Planning for TOD – A Way to Transform your Community

Planning for TOD – A Way to Transform your Community Transit-oriented development (TOD) capitalizes on public transit access by transforming underutilized spaces into walkable and sustainable communities, with a mix of land uses, a vibrant public realm, and excellent connectivity to transit amenities. The Montgomery County Planning Commission released a Model TOD Ordinance and Guidebook   

Webinar Wednesday: Ethics Cases of the Year

Ethics Cases of the Year The AICP Code of Ethics was recently updated in 2021 with the updated code going into effect January 1, 2022. This session will present a summary of the updated AICP Code of Ethics followed by a review of several ethical scenarios/ case studies. The review of the updated AICP Code   

Webinar Wednesday: Land Use Law Update

Land Use Law Update This session will review opinions of the federal and Pennsylvania courts issued since the last APA PA annual conference and highlight developments in the law. The session will cover the adoption, administration, interpretation and enforcement of MPC-enabled ordinances; floodplain, stormwater and wetlands management; other state and federal statutes impacting land use   

Webinar Wednesday: Are You Ready? A Framework for Identifying Climate Risks…

Are You Ready? A Framework for Identifying Climate Risks, Prioritizing Actions, and Securing Funding Anticipating, preparing for, and mitigating the impacts of climate change is critical to ensuring our communities continue to prosper and provide a high quality of life. This two-part session will first introduce a transferable methodology for assessing and visualizing the wide-ranging   

2024 Virtual AICP Exam Prep Session

The Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association is holding an all-day virtual AICP exam prep session on Saturday, March 9 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM The session will review the content outline of the AICP exam, which APA recently updated, and provide details on the different content areas. The exam has been updated   

Webinar Wednesday: You Didn’t Get the Grant…

You Didn’t Get the Grant: Now What? The Infrastructure Bill has presented us with once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue life-changing transportation improvements for the communities we serve. As a planner for Delaware County, philosophically we were ready to pursue the funding; but practically, we did not have the necessary expertise on hand to   

Mid-Atlantic Planning Collaboration: Implications of Recent Clean Water Act…

Mid-Atlantic Planning Collaboration: Implications of Recent Clean Water Act Decision on Land Use Planning In May, 2023, the United States Supreme Court decided Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency. The Court’s ruling reduces the number of wetlands subject to the provisions of the Clean Water Act, while likely providing some more clarity as to covered wetlands.