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2024 Annual Conference Session Submission Form

Deadline for proposals are due 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 15, 2024. Before you submit you proposal, please review the Call for Presenter Details. We recommend you have everything detailed out before you submit your session.

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  • Submission Information
    The 2024 PA Chapter of APA Annual Conference will be held in Erie on October 13-15. If you have any questions please email Kim Gusic. This conference is in-person and will require you to attend the conference (if your session gets accepted).

    There will be no virtual component to the conference.

    Speakers must read and agree to the speaker policies outlined below.

    Please Note: The committee's decisions are made based on the strength and clarity of the session title, session summary and learning objectives. Please pay careful attention to these items when completing your proposal.

  • I have read and agree to the following speaker policies. As the Lead Presenter for this session I verify that I will share this information with any additional presenters. If you do not agree, your session will not be considered for presentation. The PA Chapter of APA maintains the following policies that are consistent with APA’s speaker policies.

    1. •All speakers MUST register for the conference. This applies whether you will attend the event for only your session, a single day, or the full event.

        •All speakers who will attend sessions and conference events MUST pay regular registration fees. As a courtesy, we extend the early bird registration fee to all presenters regardless of when you register for the event.

        •Speakers who will attend the conference to ONLY present their session are not required to pay registration fees (but MUST register for the conference).

      •Speakers are responsible for their own hotel accommodations and travel.

    2. •An audio-visual request form will be sent to the Lead Presenter for each session. Lead Presenters are responsible for coordinating the audio-visual needs for their sessions. The conference provides the following equipment: microphones, LCD projectors, overhead projectors, screens, and flip charts.

    3. Speakers MUST provide their own laptop computers.
  • This person is responsible for coordinating the session with additional presenters (if any).
  • i.e. AICP, PhD, PP, Esq., if any
  • 555-555-5555
  • Narrative biography of no more than 300 words that includes your current position, education and 2-3 sentences describing your expertise in the subject. DO NOT SUBMIT resumes or bulleted lists.