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NOAA Lake Level Viewer

A new (Ocotber 2014)  NOAA online visualization and mapping tool, the Lake Level Viewer, will help communities along the U.S. Great Lakes plan for, and adapt to, climate change and   

Career Advice for Emerging Planners

Our colleagues over at APA Arizona put together this tremendously helpful brochure, for which they surveyed more than 800 planners across the country. Whether you’re looking for a job or just want some interviewing/employment advice, it’s tremendously helpful.

Business Route 62 Corridor Study

2013 Annual Awards winner – Planning Excellence Award – Plan Other Than a Comprehensive PlanAwarded to Business Route 62 Corridor Study, Mercer County Regional Planning Commission, Shenango Valley Area Transportation   

Make Your Mark! Lower Lancaster Revitalization Plan

2013 Annual Award Winner-Planning Excellence Award – Public OutreachAwarded to Make Your Mark! Lower Lancaster Revitalization Plan, People’s Emergency Center Community Development Corporation  Make Your Mark! brought together residents, community