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Mobile Workshops at the Conference

Don’t forget to sign up for some fabulous mobiles workshops happening at this year’s annual conference!  All mobile workshops require an extra fee to cover transportation and other logistics. Mobile workshops will be cancelled if sufficient participation is not reached.  Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking. See the conference announcement for complete details (starting on page 15).


M1. Erie’s Wine and Grape Region 
CM | 3.50 (pending approval)
Cost | $35
*Minimum of 20; Maximum of 40

The glacial till on the south side of Lake Erie provides an excellent environment for grapes. For over a century growers sold their harvests to Welch’s. The first post-prohibition winery opened in 1968. Participants will visit North East, PA and its wineries. North East is the northernmost point of Pennsylvania and where viticulture is
most intense. The grape is North East’s community symbol. The number of wineries in the area is exploding. We will visit the four original wineries (Penn Shore, Presque Isle, Mazza, Arrowhead) and one of the newer wineries. 


M2. Through the Looking Glass: How to Use Public Art to Connect Community
CM | 3.50 (pending approval)
Cost | $25
*Minimum of 20; Maximum of 30

The Looking Glass Art Project is a collaborative community public art program created by artists Tom Ferraro and Ed Grout. Their mission is to encourage people to tell their stories, then transform their stories into public art. Together they have created over a dozen murals, sculptures and mixed media pieces. Every project is made with communities looking for art to enrich their lives. The artists have worked with a variety of core groups ranging from Erie’s robust immigrant and refugee populations, senior centers, senior living homes, school groups ranging in grades 1-12, college students, inner city neighborhoods and restorative justice programs. The goal of this session is to reinforce the importance of art as an expression of community that helps build capacity and connect people to their history and sense of place.


M3. Lawrence Park’s Historic District
CM | 2.50 (pending approval)
Cost | $25
*Minimum of 20; Maximum of 40

Approved by the State Historic Preservation Board early this year, the Lawrence Park Historic District has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This project was funded through a Keystone Grant from the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office. Tour this significant district with the grant writer, preparers, and SHPO staff and learn how the SHPO’s programs, including grants, technical assistance and listing in the National Register can help your community preserve its important places.


M4. Exploring the Great Lakes Seaway Trail: Byway Best Practices
CM | 3.50 (pending approval)
Cost | $25
*Minimum of 20; Maximum of 40

In 2017, PennDOT initiated a strategic planning process to better understand what opportunities exist among other state agencies to improve and sustain the Pennsylvania Byways Program as a local grassroots initiative for spurring economic development and tourism opportunities. The outcome of this planning process is emphasis on repurposing the byways program, interagency collaboration and expand the byway system to include Multimodal facilities. This mobile workshop will offer participants an opportunity to learn about the Great Lakes Seaway Trail National Scenic Byway as an example of the new multimodal byway system.


M5. Growing Sustainable Communities and Healthy Foods through Town-Gown Partnerships
CM | 2.0 (pending approval)
Cost | $25
*Minimum of 20; Maximum of 25

This mobile workshop will take participants to Penn State Behrend to tour the campus community garden. Penn State representatives will share their comprehensive approach to collaboration between town and gown, and best practices for urban gardens and associated ordinances as passed in Erie; growing food for specific markets; and partnering to alleviate hunger and to promote healthy food choices in the community. Participants will have an opportunity to sample farm to table-style refreshments and talk with community partners. In case of inclement weather, the presentation will be held inside the Smith Chapel, adjacent to the gardens.


M6. Walk Works’ Wharf Walk
CM | 1.50 (pending approval)
Cost | $20

A walk of approximately 1 mile will be co-led by the Director of Planning for Blair County and the Program Director of WalkWorks. The fun-filled walk, to begin at the entrance of the Convention Center, will provide a practical illustration of a safe walking route and, further, the amenities that make up a walkable community. Participants will receive a map of the route, including points of interest (or the lack of such) as well as a “walkability checklist” to consider during the excursion.