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Legislative Update

A Message from the Legislative Committee:

The last week was a historic one for the Commonwealth. Regardless of which Presidential candidate you supported, it was heartening to see the level of engagement and turnout by voters across Pennsylvania. I look forward to the potential of both the next session of the Pennsylvania Legislature, and the US Congress. From economic recovery to infrastructure to housing (among many others), we have a set of significant challenges before us. I look forward to being a part of our profession’s efforts to meet those challenges, and to contribute to Pennsylvania’s long history of innovation and invention.

For those that participated in the annual conference you will recall that we announced three Chapter policy positions drafted by the Legislative Committee. The three policies are available for review and comment by the Chapter membership. I hope that you will agree that surface transportation, housing and green infrastructure are all critical policy areas for our Chapter’s advocacy and engagement. The Board will vote on their adoption at their December board meeting. Should you have any suggested revisions, please email me at eleclear@statecollegepa.us and I will forward to the appropriate committee members.
Please provide any suggested revisions by Monday, November 30th @ 5pm.

On a final note, the Chapter enjoyed a legislative success last week. Lost in the bright lights of the 2020 election was the signature by Governor Wolf of SB 30, which creates a state version of the low-income housing tax credit. This will be an important tool in the future for creating affordable housing within the Commonwealth. Thank you to the members of the committee that successfully advocated for its passage.

In solidarity (and may the Force be with you),

Ed LeClear, AICP
Chair, Legislative Committee