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Planning Jobs with the State

Are you interested in working as a planner for the State of Pennsylvania? The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regularly anticipates job openings in positions related to community planning, economic development, local government policy, transportation planning, and environmental planning. If you are a new graduate or mid to upper level professional and would like to be considered for these positions, you will need to review the non-civil service and civil service planning job openings posted online and then select the proper agency to apply. Position titles for open positions include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Planner Trainee
  • Planner 1 & 2 & 3
  • Environmental Planner 1 & 2
  • Environmental Planning Supervisor
  • District Environmental Specialist, Transportation
  • Local Government Policy Specialists
  • Economic Development Analyst
  • Transportation Planning Specialist Trainee
  • Transportation Planning Specialist 1 & 2
  • Transportation Planning Specialist Supervisor
  • Transportation Planning Manager

What do State planners do?

Planners with the Commonwealth of PA collect, organize and analyze the physical, social and economic data necessary to develop, review, or administer local, regional, state and federal planning programs. They coordinate, assist in the preparation of plans, studies or background reports, analyze the impact of proposed plans and policies, meet with public officials, planning commissions and the public to provide technical advice, explain plans and policies, answer questions and seek cooperation and collaboration with citizens and statewide stakeholders in the areas they serve. A planner’s duties will vary based on the area of their respective planning discipline (e.g., community, environmental, transportation, land use, economic development).

Where do you find the job postings?

The Commonwealth offers planning and other job opportunities that fit into two broad categories: non-civil service and civil service. Non-civil service positions are filled by the Bureau of State Employment in the Office of Administration. Civil Service planning positions are filled by State Civil Service Commission. The links below direct you the position information at these agencies.

Bureau of State Employment – Non-Civil Service Job Opportunities

State Civil Service Commission Website

The non-civil service and civil service bureaus have their own procedures for applying to an open planning position. To be considered for non-civil service planning positions, you must use this Bureau of State Employment website to submit to the Office of Administration an application and information about your work history and education. To be considered for civil service positions, you need to visit the State Civil Service Commission’s Web site to apply. Regardless of whether a position is non-civil service or civil service, it’s important to note that the salary, benefits, and union coverage (when applicable) are the same for all positions in that classification.

When should you apply?

Planning jobs are posted online when there are openings or during hiring cycles defined by each department’s needs. With no set schedule, it’s important for you to monitor the Commonwealth position websites often for job postings, testing dates for civil service jobs, and application submission deadlines. If you’d like to be considered for these position openings, you must first apply or, in the case of a civic service positions, complete the necessary civil service requirements/testing (if applicable). Completing your application and the civil service hiring process requirements places your name on an applicant list. If you are placed on a Civil Service list(s), you will be contacted periodically to determine your interest a planning position opening and/or an interview when a department is seeking candidates. Department managers and supervisors are reviewing these candidate lists as they seek qualified planners like you. Whether you are on a non-civil service position list or a civil service position listing, as planning positions become available, department managers may reach out to you to set up an interview and ultimately place you in State planning office or similar State planning agency.

To increase your likelihood of commonwealth employment, you are strongly encouraged to submit applications to both the Office of Administration and the State Civil Service Commission.