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Lycoming County Seeking Director of Planning & Community Development

Job Position


Director of Planning and Community Development

Job Description 


This is complex administrative and planning work at both the specialized and general level. Work involves advising the Lycoming County Commissioners and the Lycoming County Planning Commission on a wide array of public policy matters pertaining to Community Planning, governmental management, Economic Development, Assessment and the Comprehensive Plan. Work also involves determining the public interest, promoting understanding and support of the Comprehensive Plan and the Planning process. Exerts community leadership to identify major issues and trends, calls public and official attention to them, and mobilizes action to respond from a wide array of impacted organizations. Individual carries the final and ultimate responsibility for all actions of the Planning Commission staff and is chief spokesperson for the Commission in the absence of the Planning Commission officers.


  • Responsible for advising the Lycoming County Commissioners, the Lycoming County Planning Commission, local government officials, and the public on matters pertaining to Community Planning, Economic Development, the Comprehensive Plan, the planning process, and the enhancement of the quality of life within Lycoming County.
  • Responsible for carrying out the duties and powers of the Lycoming County Planning Commission set forth in the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (Act #247, as amended by Act 93/1972) as supplemented by County Ordinance or as otherwise authorized by the Lycoming County Commissioners and the Lycoming County Planning Commission.
  • Makes annual reports to County Commissioners on activities and accomplishments on behalf of the Planning Commission.
  • Responsible for management of fiscal resources including total accountability for cost-effective utilization, accurate records, and compliance with contractual and other legal constraints.
  • Responsible for securing gifts, grants, and appropriations of money for conduct of the planning program, and for other County projects.
  • Responsible for employing and discharging professional staff, and administration of salaries and other expenses of the Commission.
  • Makes such studies as required to fulfill the spirit and intent of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code Act 247, as amended.
  • Responsible for initiating, preparing, editing, and updating the Comprehensive Plan; responsible for application and interpretation of official plans in particular cases.
  • Responsible for preparing economic development plans and seeking state and federal funding to implement said plans
  • Serves on advisory committees to regional, state, and federal agencies.
  • Member of State Association of Planning Directors.
  • Responsible for monitoring of federal, state and regional actions to alert County and local government and appropriate agencies to potential impacts of these actions.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations to the County Commissioners on all ordinances which pertain to physical development of the County.
  • Promotes public interest in and understanding of, the Comprehensive Plan, planning, and the planning process.
  • Assumes responsibility and in some cases prepares materials and cases for court litigation.
  • Makes recommendations to governmental, civic, and private agencies and individuals as to the interrelationships, appropriate interfaces, and effectiveness of their actions regarding the county planning process, and program and community issues.
  • Holds public hearings and meetings.
  • Directs the preparation, adopting, and administration of regulations, and ordinances required to implement plans and remedy the adverse effects of growth and change (i.e. subdivision and zoning ordinances).
  • Directs conduct of staff in compliance with the professional planner’s code of ethics and in a manner consistent with County and professional performance standards.
  • Member of PCD Management Team.
  • Performs staff performance evaluations as needed.

Supervision of Planning Commission and Department programs and personnel including overall effectiveness, hiring, dismissal, and disciplinary responsibilities.

In addition to normal office conditions, attend numerous meetings, conferences, and workshops during and after normal working hours.

Lycoming County is a rural County in Northcentral PA known for exceptional outdoor recreational activities and is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Opportunities, such as hiking, biking, boating, hunting and fishing can be found in all corners of Lycoming County. The Pine Creek Rail Trail in Lycoming County with 65 miles of trail is a destination for visitors from across the country and in 2017 made USA Today’s top ten trails. In addition, a beautiful public White Deer golf course managed by Billy Casper Golf offering 36 holes of play. If you love the outdoors, Lycoming County is a great place to live!

With a population base of over 113,000, Lycoming County has a diversified employment base that supports an equally diversified employer base. Top employers serve the medical industry, higher education and even aeronautical manufacturing. UPMC Susquehanna with nearly 3000 employees is the Counties top employer. In the top 15 employers in Lycoming County that are private sector, for profit companies are the following: Weis Markets, Aramark Facility Services, West Pharmaceutical Services, CS Group, Lycoming Engines, Wal-Mart and Kelloggs. And for the past 10 years Lycoming County has been a major producer and employer for those supporting the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas play.

he County has excellent public and private educational institutions and offer two premier secondary institutions; Lycoming College and The Pennsylvania College of Technology. With 7000 students combined, degrees in fields such as accounting, welding, astrophysics, plastics, education and mechatronics can be obtained. The County is also just a short drive to Penn State University, Bucknell University, Bloomsburg University, Susquehanna University and Lock Haven University.

It would be impossible to talk about our region and not mention baseball. The City of Williamsport is the birthplace of Little League baseball and Lycoming County is home to Little League International. And every August is home to the Little League World Series viewed by attended by over 70,000 worldwide visitors. We’re also home to the Philadelphia Phillies Single A ball club the Williamsport Crosscutter’s who play at Bowman Field, which is the second oldest operational minor league facility in the Country.

Our residents enjoy a diversity of living locations from small quaint rural communities to the urban core of the greater Williamsport area. The City of Williamsport is the county seat and has a population of nearly 30,000 and a large array of arts and cultural activities. Restaurants, craft breweries, public art galleries and boutique shopping can be found along the streets of Williamsport. And the Community Art Center with a seating capacity just north of 2000 seats has played host to the likes of Jay Leno, Ringo Starr and Jerry Seinfeld.
You’re encouraged to visit the Lycoming County Visitor’s Bureau to see a menu of our activities and events and take a deeper look into all Lycoming County has to offer
Please go to www.lyco.org to review the County showcase videos.

Job Requirements 


  • Fully qualified requirements include a Master’s degree in Planning, Public Administration, Economic Development or other related field with eight (8) years related experience.
  • AICP required.
  • Must submit to and pass a drug screening and background check per County policy.

How to Apply



Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest along with an updated resume to the Human Resources Office:
48 West Third Street
Williamsport PA 17701