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Lower Merion Township Seeking a GIS Planner + Technician

Job Position


GIS Planner + Technician



The Township of Lower Merion is seeking a responsible, professional and technical Planner/GIS Technician for the Building and Planning Department. Duties include basic knowledge of mapping products, statistical and geographic resources; including coordinating Geographical Information Systems (GIS) needs with various internal departments and with the Township’s overall GIS implementation efforts. The Planner/GIS Technician will be the lead Building and Planning departmental GIS user. The Planner/GIS Technician is responsible for assisting with planning projects, including development reviews, statistical analyses and creating thematic maps. Responsibilities include management of geospatial data, topology and network analysis, 3D visualizations, spatial imagery interpretations and map amendments. Duties include creating and updating various databases and maps, researching property records and preparing reports. The work requires that the employee be detail oriented and have a good knowledge, skill and ability in ESRI’s ArcGIS Pro software, ArcGIS Online and competence using a viable program software language such as Python or SQL.



A bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university in geography, urban planning, landscape architecture or a related field, plus two years of GIS-related work experience. A current GIS-P Certification is preferred. Strong oral, written, graphic, cartographic and communication skills. Ability to effectively organize and manage query data and geospatial data. Understanding of ArcGIS Enterprise needs including servers and portals that support the organization. Extensive knowledge of various ESRI software platforms including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, Dashboards and Story Map as well as Extensions such as Network, Spatial and 3D Analyst. Experience with ArcGIS Data Management toolbox geoprocessing tools used to develop, manage and maintain feature classes, datasets, layers and raster data structures. Competence with SQL, Python or other viable languages compatible with ESRI software. Competence with API’s, GeoJSON, R software or GitHub resources preferred.

How to Apply


External Applicants: Employment applications can be downloaded from www.lowermerion.org – employment opportunities.