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LANTA Seeking Transit Planner

Job Position


Transit Planner

Job Description


The Transit Planner works at the direction of the Director of Planning and Development. Responsibilities include duties required to monitor the performance and quality of LANTA services; develop and implement improvement plans for service and capital assets; and maintain and support the data system tools used by the Planning and Development functions of the Authority. The Transit Planner also will be responsible for the preparation, analysis and revision of transit operating schedules and conducting preliminary analysis and compilation of statistics for reports and records.

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Job Requirements


The Transit Planner performs a variety of planning and development support tasks in the Planning and Development Department including, but not limited to:

  • Performs service performance analyses for bus service, routes and stops
  • Develops, applies and evaluates analytical, quantitative and statistical data for service performance evaluation
  • Prepares service performance reports and develops recommendations
  • Provides information to LANTA Departments, stakeholders and the public for impact and informational purposes
  • Assists with development, implementation, and/or analysis of short-and-long-range transit plans, performance metrics, grant applications and other transit-specific planning studies
  • May represent agency, make presentations, and respond to inquiries of other private, public and professional groups. Responds to customer complaints as needed.
  • Prepares written reports, presentations, maps, charts, and other graphics as needed
  • Conducts field work as needed to gather information to support transit planning activities. Input should include information gathered from customers, transit operators, data and LANTA staff.
  • Research and analysis of ridership patterns and service quality of LANTA services.
  • Assist in the development of operating schedule changes.
  • Conducts preliminary analysis and evaluates survey data, passenger load and ride checks.
  • Prepares reports on new schedules and changes in existing schedules.
  • Computes data from existing and proposed schedules to record transit schedule changes.
  • Computes vehicle hours, trips and miles on transit equipment. Prepares statistical reports. Assists in the examination of equipment requirements for comparison with existing and proposed schedules.
  • Uses Scheduling Software to schedule, block trips, cut runs and refine work through on-line interaction with computer.
  • Soliciting input from riders and community stakeholders regarding LANTA services.
  • Assisting in the integration and analysis of data from various sources, including, but not limited to Automatic Passenger Counters, Automatic Vehicle Locators, fare boxes, and surveys and other technology systems used by the Authority.
  • Assist with the data management of the Automated Transit Management System (ATMS) system.
  • Track ATMS performance and work with the Materials and Maintenance Department and applicable vendors to arrange for corrective maintenance.
  • Data processing and cleansing.
  • Monitor accuracy and integrity of collected data and pursue necessary actions to remediate identified problems.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the Director of Planning and Development.

How to Apply


Applicants should submit a completed application, resume, cover letter and three references to Jason Polster, Human Resources Coordinator at: JPolster@lantabus-pa.gov