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High Street Consulting Group Seeking Transportation Performance Analyst

High Street is seeking an analyst for a full-time position that requires a combination of analytical, project management, and writing skills. The new hire will support performance-based, data-driven planning work for a range of federal, state, and local/regional transportation agencies.

New hire will support planning, programming, and policy work for clients. Examples of responsibilities include:
1. Cleaning and assessing datasets with a spatial component, and conducting statistical analysis with R, Python, or a similar programming language
2. Evaluating performance impacts of transportation investments
3. Technical writing
4. Critical thinking regarding the implications your analysis may have on transportation policies
In addition, the new hire will serve in a variety of policy-related support roles, including research, writing for long-range transportation plans, and strategic communications.

We are hiring for this position in Pittsburgh, PA, Chicago, IL, Austin, TX, and Atlanta, GA. There will potentially be occasional travel throughout the U.S. to client offices.

The position will pay compensation in the range of $60,000 to $90,000 depending on qualifications and experience.

The right candidate must have:

  • A master’s degree in transportation planning, civil engineering, public policy, or a similar degree
  • Permanent U.S. work authorizationR or Python and GIS scripting skills
  • Professional image projected through mature communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven track record prioritizing workload to meet deadlines and work objectives
  • Demonstrated ability to write clearly and succinctly
  • Experience visualizing data in charts, graphs and maps

Please send the following information to careers@highstreetconsulting.com:

  • A professional resume
  • A half page cover letter demonstrating your qualifications and interest in this position and noting where you saw the job posted.
  • A recent work sample of an analytical report and data visualization and a brief description of your contribution to the work sample.