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Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission looking for Transportation Safety Planner

Title of Job


Transportation Safety Planner



DVRPC’s Office of Safe Streets (OSS) is focused on advancing Regional Vision Zero 2050 through planning studies, data analysis, and coordination with regional partners. OSS manages its own slate of annual safety-focused projects and programs, and frequently collaborates with other DVRPC offices on joint efforts, especially from within DVRPC’s Multimodal section as the goals of safety, accessibility, and multimodalism are complimentary. OSS embraces the Federal Highway Administration’s Safe System Approach which promotes broad consideration of road safety and shared responsibility in designing, maintaining, and using the roadway network.

This position is for a motivated planning professional with strong communication and analytic skills coupled with the desire to collaborate on transportation safety improvements for the traveling public. The work of the Office of Safe Streets requires balancing technical tasks with coordination and engagement. Typical activities include research, data analysis and interpretation, report writing, preparing and giving presentations, setting up and facilitating meetings, and working with regional partners at every level: municipal, county, state, and federal.

Work is performed in accordance with broadly-defined objectives and professional standards with the opportunity for independent judgment, subject to administrative and technical review by the Manager of the Office of Safe Streets.

Job Requirements 



Facilitate the multidisciplinary Regional Safety Task Force: plan meetings and track outcomes, lead special projects, and bring creativity and flexibility to the task force in pursuit of regional safety goals.
Work on transportation safety initiatives including identifying problems, analyzing and interpreting data, developing recommendations, and effectively communicating in narrative form, presentations, and virtual platforms.
Represent the Office of Safe Streets as a team member on annual work program projects conducted in collaboration with other DVRPC offices; e.g.: Hunting Park Avenue Vision Zero Corridor Study, PennDOT Regional Road Diet Prioritization. These efforts will change with each work program update in response to partner needs.
Analyze and visualize big data sets, including crash data and demographic data in support of the Regional Vision Zero 2050. Lead the technical analysis for the regional Transportation Safety and Analysis Plan process, conducted every three years.
Participate as appropriate in policy, regulatory, and technical discussions supporting federal transportation performance measures for safety, and conduct technical follow-through. Represent the Office of Safe Streets on local, county, and state-level safety initiatives like county highway safety task forces, Philadelphia Vision Zero subcommittees, and emphasis area action teams for the New Jersey Strategic Highway safety plan, etc.
Provide technical assistance as needed to regional partners developing safety infrastructure projects by fulfilling requests for data and analysis support, and facilitating coordination between local and state partners to access federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funds.
Perform related planning work as required.


Knowledge of the principles and practices of transportation and transportation safety planning, including the relationship of transportation and land development, and socio-economic factors that influence transportation.
Experience with data-driven analyses employed to understand trends and develop recommendations to support roadway improvements; familiarity with the Highway Safety Manual is helpful.
Demonstrated ability to present concepts clearly and concisely in oral, written, and graphic form; ability to synthesize analysis results and prepare reports that are easy to understand and technically sound.
Demonstrated competency in their use of software for analysis, mapping, and design, exposure to or interest in learning new technical skills such as code-based approaches to data analysis and visualization (Python, SQL, R, JavaScript, etc.).
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, planning officials, and the public; aptitude for listening and drawing conclusions; skilled at facilitating discussions and building consensus.
Proficiency in balancing tasks for multiple projects and supervisors; ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

How to Apply


Please send cover letter and resume to resumes@dvrpc.org