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Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission looking for Planning Data Specialist

Title of Job


Planning Data Specialist



Job Description

The Planning Innovation unit at DVRPC seeks a motivated and organized individual to provide thoughtful guidance in the practical application of advanced data analysis and visualization technologies to support regional planning initiatives. The Planning Innovation unit directly supports planning projects and teams across the commission to develop better analysis results and ensure the usability of final products by planners and public stakeholders.

The successful candidate will be enthusiastic about identifying and implementing analysis techniques in support of a variety of community and transportation planning programs. This self-motivated individual will work closely with project teams to evaluate complex processes, identify and develop advanced technical solutions, and proactively work to assist staff across the commission in the use of programming and database technologies to improve work processes and products.

The position requires collaboration with a diverse group of planning and technical staff, as well as coordination with government and transportation planning partners. Work is performed in accordance with professional standards and is subject to review by the Associate Director (AD) of Planning Innovation.

Job Requirements



Assist planning teams in identifying and implementing best-fit technological solutions for projects.
Engage subject matter experts in the successful transfer of complex domain knowledge to design and develop data-oriented solutions, including advanced analytics toolsets, web-based engagement and visualizations, and other innovative solutions.
Support the coaching and professional development of planning staff, through the development of resources and training materials that facilitate skill development across the commission.
Implement processes and standards of practice as established by the AD of Planning Innovation to support improved quality and reliability of analysis outputs and products delivered by the commission.
Engage and coordinate with internal and external partners to advance Planning Innovation initiatives and develop opportunities for future work.
Provide technical support to planning innovation projects as required.
Perform related work, as required.


Knowledge of standard statistical techniques and methods in the context of community and transportation planning.
Strong practical knowledge in Python or R, or any other leading programming languages for data science applications.
Knowledge of data cleaning, data quality assessment, databases, data management and processing, ETL, various data visualization and data analytics tools and methodologies to convert data into meaningful insights. Experience with Python, R, Javascript, and/or PostgreSQL is preferred.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with work associates and external partners.
Familiarity with GIS and experience working with and visualizing spatial data.
Excellent analytical, verbal, and written communication skills required.

How to Apply


Please submit cover letter and resume to resumes@dvrpc.org