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Lycoming County Seeking Planner

Job Position


Community Development / Lead Planner

Job Description


Under the administrative and technical supervision of the Director and the Deputy Director, the Lead Planner is a member of the PCD Management Team and the supervisor providing planning direction and guidance for the PCD Planning Team. As such, this position is responsible for organizing and leading project-focused integrated planning teams that advance the mission and vision of Lycoming County’s Department of Planning and Community Development. The Lead Planner is capable of providing technical support requiring general and specific knowledge of principles, methods, and best professional practice for a diversity of planning areas. The Lead Planner is in charge of keeping the planning team focused on long-term planning initiatives while assisting in the implementation of projects and programs that achieve the goals identified in the County’s multi-municipal comprehensive plans. This planner collects and maintains data related to socio-economic, demographic, housing, and employment trends in the County. This position utilizes assigned resources and seeks partnerships and additional resources to meet the community and economic development, environmental, and hazard planning needs of the County. The Lead Planner works within a varied political landscape and is comfortable engaging and working alongside federal, state, regional, and local entities. The Lead Planner coordinates the MS4 Coalition. The Lead Planner also coordinates all PCD Housing programs and projects and the PCD intern program.


  • Responsible for monitoring implementation of Comprehensive Plans and updates within the PCD Planning Team.
  • Initiate, facilitate, and assist with community and economic development, environmental and hazard mitigation planning and programs and initiatives, and project implementation.
  • Coordinate PCD housing programs and projects
  • Coordinate PCD Intern program
    Coordinate the MS4 Coalition
  • Work with SEDA-COG and Penn State Data Center to maintain a PCD database with current County data on socio-economic, demographic, housing, and employment trends.
  • Seek opportunities and secure grant funding in support of planning department projects and programs that advance the mission and vision of the PCD department.
  • Interface with and facilitate coordination between the County and other governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies as appropriate.
  • Coordinate with public and private sector officials in developing functional and project-specific partnerships or geographic community alliances.
  • Advocate policy and definitive recommendations in the County Comprehensive Plan and on-going programs to further the economic well-being and quality of life in the County.
  • Research and generate an information base to provide analysis to appropriate public and private endeavors to help determine the viability of their projects, to justify proper funding to promote the County’s growth, and to serve as a competent data source for other planning work.
  • Identify and research PCD Planning Team project needs and secure local agency/municipal input.
  • Conduct field visits and perform other information gathering duties to investigate or determine planning and development opportunities.
  • Provide specialized technical assistance to other staff elements, County agencies, and local governments to facilitate best planning practices and other unrelated functions which require specialized planning knowledge and skills.
    Analyze, evaluate and recommend policy to the Director for County Planning Commission, County Commissioners, and local government positions on regional, state, and federal issues.
  • Supervise the Community Development Assistance Program to help local municipalities develop, implement, and complete all aspects of community development projects. Work with local municipalities to develop their own capacity to orchestrate community development projects.
  • Maintain a general knowledge of land use issues and current County and local regulatory controls pertaining to subdivision and land development, zoning, floodplain, storm water and sewage to fulfill County and municipal community and economic development needs.
  • Attend public meetings and municipalities and agencies to answer questions, coordinate on projects, and promote PCD programs, plans and policies.
  • Serve on County Disaster Recovery Team.
  • Write and submit award applications for County initiatives as they become available.
  • Take on planning activities under the County Planning Commission as needed.
  • Perform other duties as may be needed.


Direct functional supervision of the Environmental Planner, Community and Economic Development Planner, MS4 Planner and technical guidance of support staff assigned, including clerical staff and interns. Administer and lead Integrated Planning Teams within PCD.


Individual works in normal office conditions plus travel, night meetings and occasional fieldwork in areas with natural hazards and during weather extremes. Individual works under the County Human Resources Policy.

Job Requirements


  • Fully qualified requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in Planning, Public Administration, Geography, Urban Studies, Business Administration (or other field closely related to the position), with four (4) years related experience.
  • AICP Required.
  • Previous experience within a supervisory role (preferred).
  • Training, education, and experience desired in municipal government, real estate, and community planning.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and courteously with oral, written, and computerized graphic methods.
  • Knowledge of the theory, principles, and techniques of the planning profession and development process.
  • Creative problem-solving skills.
  • Proficient with multitasking and project management practices.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently or as part of a group.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office package and working familiarity with related office equipment is essential. Working GIS knowledge a plus.
  • Current valid Pennsylvania driver’s license and personal vehicle needed for work-related use.
  • Must submit to and pass a drug screening and background check per County policy


Lycoming County Quality of Life

How to Apply


Please email cover letter and resume to Lycoming County HR specialist: Lauren K Bower at lkbower@lyco.org.