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City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning Seeking Planner

Reviews zoning applications for small- to large-scale projects for completeness and compliance with the applicable Zoning Code regulations.

Department: City Planning
Salary: $56,379 per year.
Position Type: Announcement/Bid
Union: This position is included in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 2719 bargaining unit and will be filled in accordance with the provision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Union Bid Form: None required.
Civil Service Classification: Non-Competitive.

Checks applications for Basic Zoning Review and Site Plan Review for completeness.
Manages all aspects of the Basic Zoning Review and Site Plan Review processes to review applications for compliance with the applicable Zoning Code regulations. Works with architects, engineers, developers, property owners and the public on these applications.
Reviews applications, site plans, surveys, landscape plans, grading plans, deeds, and related documents for compliance with the applicable Zoning Code regulations.
Reports to the Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission on the outcome of the review process for specific projects.
Accesses and collects payments by check, money order, and credit card.
Prepares correspondence and reports involving a significant degree of narrative and technical information; prepares and conducts presentations on the same.
Establishes and maintains computerized files on applications, land use and zoning activities.
Assists in training related lower-level personnel and Interns.
Communicates effectively with Planning Department personnel, City departments, City officials, other governmental and agency officials and members of the community to accomplish work objectives.
Conducts research as necessary.
May assist in designing, coordinating, editing and/or writing copy for departmental publications, reports, flyers, correspondence, etc.
May work evenings and weekends.
Performs activities and functions of related positions and other related tasks/duties as assigned or required.

Qualifying Requirements:
WORK EXPERIENCE: The application must clearly show two (2) years of full-time experience in Architecture, Urban Planning, Plan Review, Urban Design or a related field. (Full-time is defined as thirty-two (32) hours or more per week. Less than full-time experience will be calculated on a pro-rated basis.)
EDUCATION/TRAINING: The application must clearly show a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Urban Planning, or a related field. (See NOTE under the General Application Requirements Section above regarding the verification of education/training).
EQUIVALENCY: Education/training and/or work experience may be substituted on a year for year basis if the application clearly shows the required number of years to meet the Total Qualifying Requirement for this position (based on the sum of work experience and education/training listed above). The Total Qualifying Requirement is six (6) years. (See NOTE under the General Application Requirements Section above regarding the verification of education/training).
If you meet the qualifying requirements listed above, you will be sent a letter of admission (when applicable) for the following examination(s). You must pass the written and/or performance examination(s) in order to have your name placed on the official Civil Service eligibility list for this position. Candidates who receive job offers must pass a medical examination (when applicable) prior to start date.

Written: None required for this position.
Performance: None required for this position.
Medical: None required for this position.

NOTE: Candidates being considered for employment will be required to submit official transcripts to verify of their post-secondary education (college/university, trade school, etc.) prior to being hired by the City of Pittsburgh. Transcripts must be submitted at the time of any/each job interview you have with the City of Pittsburgh.

General Application Requirements:

You must submit or show proof of all of the following at the time of filing your application (unless otherwise indicated below) or your application will be disqualified. Disqualifications based on any of these General Application Requirements are not subject to a Civil Service appeal.

A completed online City of Pittsburgh Employment Application, including your online Employment Profile Data. (Education and Work Experience).
Completed online City of Pittsburgh Supplemental Form questions for this position.

A resume, to be submitted online.

Applicants must become residents of the City of Pittsburgh prior to employment and remain a resident throughout employment.

NOTE: The City of Pittsburgh, as a matter of policy, conducts pre-employment and promotional background investigations on all candidates being considered for positions. The background investigation includes but is not limited to criminal background, driver’s license and City of Pittsburgh real estate tax payments. Candidates may be disqualified from consideration from employment based on the results of their background investigation (as it relates to the job for which the applicant is being considered).

Deadline: 1/28/22