City of Philadelphia Seeking a Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator

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Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator



The City of Philadelphia seeks a highly motivated, flexible, creative, and independent coordinator with excellent communication, interpersonal, and project management skills to join OMP in the role of Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator. The Coordinator will be involved in the implementation of a range of complete streets projects and advancing the goals of the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan. Through their work and projects, the Outreach Coordinator will advance transportation equity and make Philadelphia a safer, more accessible city for all roadway users.

This position will report to the Vision Zero Program Manager and will collaborate closely with the Vision Zero program team and Office of Multimodal Planning staff. The Outreach Coordinator will serve as the lead of OMP’s citywide engagement strategy and will lead and support the OMP Community Coordinators in developing strategic and tactical community engagement plans, and metrics of success, and coordinating engagement and outreach activities throughout the city related to advancing Vision Zero and multimodal planning. The Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator will develop and implement strategies to engage residents and build broad community support for Vision Zero, including but not limited to community roundtables in 2024/2025 and the City’s ongoing Vision Zero ambassador program.

The Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator will promote traffic safety through all available communication and engagement channels, focusing on maximizing Philadelphians’ familiarity with traffic safety principles. The Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator will collaborate with colleagues on managing Vision Zero social media and a monthly e-newsletter to internal and external stakeholders. The candidate will also support the OTIS Communications Manager with developing and disseminating Vision Zero-related media content, including blog posts, press releases, and talking points.

The Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator will also perform additional tasks as required related to meeting the deliverables of the Community Traffic Safety Project grant, including supporting the Vision Zero Task Force and Subcommittees, and representing Vision Zero at conferences and events.



Successful candidates will possess the following characteristics:

  • Action Oriented—comfortable with negotiating challenging situations and moving forward.
  • Planning—can accurately scope out projects to their full extent, set goals, and evaluate progress against them.
  • Behavioral Competency – seeks to understand why groups do what they do; picks up the sense of the group in terms of positions, intentions, and needs; discerns what groups and individuals value and how to motivate them.
  • Creativity—sees connections across areas of work and can create synergy across projects.
  • Strategic Agility—can anticipate future consequences and trends, position self and organization to be most effective; can create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans.
  • Active Listening—can hear people out; understands the importance of listening to and understanding a wide range of opinions.
  • Organizing – can marshal resources to get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently; arranges information in a useful manner.

Successful candidates will know the following:

  • Community engagement best practices and developing meaningful partnerships with community champions and influencers.
  • Best practices in project management, setting and tracking performance toward project goals
  • Familiarity with social media campaign development and promotion of behavior change-oriented messaging
  • Techniques in effective writing, graphic design, social media, and related content development.
  • Program management and reporting on metrics, including grant reporting and developing metrics for community engagement
  • Interest in traffic safety or general transportation topics.
  • Understanding of equity and its relation to race, class, and identity.
  • Successful candidates will have the following skills:
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once and appropriately prioritize efforts in a dynamic environment.
  • Ability to stay calm and communicate clearly in times of stress.
  • Ability to clearly describe creative vision, delegate, and lead others in a collaborative working style.
  • Can set and meet deadlines for one’s work and the work of others.
  • Can independently initiate, plan, and coordinate multiple projects ranging from the simple and routine to the complex.
  • Ability to effectively communicate in a variety of settings both internal and public facing across a range of cultural contexts.
  • Ability to develop and enhance long-term partnerships
  • Public speaking and presentation ability or experience.
  • Experience with data analysis.

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