City of Lancaster Seeking Stormwater Program Manager



Stormwater Program Manager



Primary Functions and Job Details:

The Stormwater Program Manager is responsible for providing overall coordination and oversight of the City’s Bureau of Stormwater Management and the Stormwater Management Fund. This position performs advanced professional level work and administrative work in support of other City Departments that have a role in stormwater permit compliance.

The Stormwater Program Manager is also responsible for the management, supervision, evaluation and oversight of associated professional and administrative staff, including Green Infrastructure, Stormwater Permitting, Policies and Regulations and the Urban Tree Canopy.

Job Requirements 


Examples Of Essential Duties:

Manages the Bureau of Stormwater Management and assures compliance with regulatory and oversight entities.
Manages the City’s nationally recognized Green Infrastructure Program, which leverages GI BMPs as well as the Urban Tree Canopy to affect environmentally driven stormwater management.
Manages City’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and stormwater management program, and coordinates the team that executes it, including training and supporting continuous learning.
Manages the credits and appeals pertaining to the utility, Assures – by utilizing tools including water quality monitoring — that the City’s MS-4 and CSS programs are in compliance and permitted in accordance with City and PADEP (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection) requirements.
Most importantly this position will grow the Stormwater program through innovative and forward thinking, bringing ideas and an inquisitive mind to the craft of Stormwater Management.
Administer Stormwater Management Fund and Capital Improvement Program, strategically planning and budgeting for same.
Review, oversight and technical coordination. Reviews and facilitates reviews of development plans, and design of stormwater infrastructure consistent with: Stormwater Design and Construction standards manual, zoning ordinances, inspections, maintenance, monitoring and conformance with other oversight entities.
Responsible for the management of the Stormwater Monitoring Program.
Customer Service and Stakeholder Management. Manages high quality customer-centered service process, and provides customer support and technical assistance in aid of community engagement and education for citizens, property-owners, land developers, design professionals, city staff and others related to stormwater management, adequate drainage issues and environmental elements.
The City of Lancaster has fully embraced a Public Engagement ethos, and this position shall develop and oversee a comprehensive education and outreach program that engages residents and property owners to become part of the solution
Manages Design and Construction projects and Initiatives. Manages projects during design and construction; attends regular project progress meetings; works with consultants, contractors and work crews to resolve problems and implement solutions, assists with field decisions and approves change orders as appropriate.
Prepares reviews and processes change orders for changes to contracted scope of work; monitors adherence to project schedules; inspects quality of construction work and materials; coordinates final inspections with contractors and engineers; and facilitates project acceptance with other City departments or government agencies.

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