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Fiscal Officer



The Fiscal Officer is responsible for the accounting of the two main Federal programs, Community Development Block Grant, and HOME program. In addition, the Fiscal Officer accounts for the UDAG Fund, a program originally funded with federal funds and currently funded with business loan repayments. Other responsibilities include accounting for the City’s Economic Development State grants which complement the City’s federal grants. These programs generate approximately three million dollars annually and are maintained in seven separate funds on the City’s financial system with separate Community Development subsidiary ledgers on Excel and City software programs. The Fiscal Officer uses the Federal IDIS system for requesting federal funds and reporting individual activities and accomplishments to the federal government. The Fiscal Officer assists in preparing and submitting an annual action plan and CAPERS, to HUD. The Fiscal Officer works with the City’s auditors during the annual Single Audit, which is submitted to HUD. The position requires monitoring of the City’s HUD-funded sub-recipients for compliance with HUD regulations annually. The City’s auditors provide review of the Fiscal Officer’s accounting activities and the Department of Housing and Urban Development Office monitors for compliance with HUD regulations. This position is under the supervision of the Director of Community and Economic Development.




  • Bi-weekly, review open budget line items and code invoices to the appropriate cost centers.
  • Update and post business loan payments using City software subsidiary ledger and enter adjusting entries into the City’s loan receivable accounts for the three business loan portfolios managed by the Economic Development Department.
  • Prepare monthly internal financial statements for the seven funds managed by the Department of Community and Economic Development.
  • Prepare all Federal and State required reports.
  • Monitor the spending ratios requirement by HUD to ensure that the administrative expense ratio, the low mod ratio, public service expense, and other ratios are in compliance with regulations.
  • Prepare draft copies of the yearly budgets for the Director’s approval for the four funds with revenues and expenses.
  • Provide information to the City’s auditors during the annual audit of the City’s federal programs.
  • Prepare financial status reports for open State grants and submit payment invoices to the State for reimbursement for various State Grants.
  • Complete annual HUD-required internal and external compliance monitoring which receives CDBG and HOME funds.
  • Each January, prepare a report of the amounts paid to Contractors that are subject to 1099 reporting.
  • Annually assist in preparing the yearly Consolidated Annual Performance Report for HUD.
  • Annually assist in preparing the annual action plan for HUD.
  • Maintains the IDIS system for accuracy of accomplishments reported to HUD.
  • Fair Housing coordinator.
  • Section 103 coordinator.


  • The Fiscal Officer is required to understand and apply the Department of Housing and Urban Department’s regulations as it applies to recipients of Federal Community Development Block Grant and HOME. The position requires an understanding of fund accounting and the ability to make appropriate journal entries. The Fiscal Officer must be able to learn to use the federal government’s on-line computer system to obtain federal funds and to report accomplishments made with the use of federal funds. The ability to obtain federal clearance to use the system is required. Other software knowledge required to perform the position duties include but not limited to Microsoft office suite. In addition, the Fiscal Officer must have the ability to work with and communicate with HUD’s Pittsburgh field office, the City’s Finance Office, and the City’s external auditors.


  • The position requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting with a minimum of five (5) years of accounting experience.
  • Five years of increasingly responsible experience in community development, municipal planning, infrastructure planning, Finance, and land development, including two years of management and administrative responsibility. Governmental accounting preferred.

License or Certificate:

  • Must possess a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License.
  • Must maintain high standards of business and personal conduct.
  • Must be able to pass a background investigation report.
  • Must be able to pass a drug test if required.
  • Must be able to pass a physical examination if required.


  • The position requires the employee to occasionally lift or pull light objects less than 20 pounds. The employee must have the ability to concentrate on complex detail and be able to understand and relate instructions. The position requires the use of the hands to operate computer, printer, and calculator controls. The employee must have the ability to see small printing of figures and to hear normal phone conversations.

Bargianing unit: N/A
FLSA Status: Exempt

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