Borough of Columbia Seeking a Zoning Compliance Officer

Job Position


Zoning Compliance Officer



The Zoning Compliance Officer performs a variety of routine and complex work in the interpretation and enforcement of adopted codes, ordinances, and related rules and regulations relating to zoning, land use, building codes, health and safety, blight, and other matters of public concern; as well as, serves as a resource and provides information on Borough regulations to property owners, residents, and businesses.



  • Enforces the Code of Ordinances not primarily enforced by the Police Department.
  • Coordinates with Building Inspectors, Borough Engineer, Police Chief, Fire Chief and other departments as necessary to secure compliance with city codes when enforcement becomes necessary.
  • Performs systematic site inspections of properties and building structures to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and regulatory requirements.
  • Writes letters for enforcement for any City Code violations. Issues the necessary citations for non-compliance.
  • Maintains a list of all abandoned/vacant real estate. Enforces any related ordinance violations.
  • Inspect, and or coordinate with Building Inspectors and or Borough Engineer, to inspect structures for determination of soundness and consideration for condemnation.
  • Conduct inspections for and issuing Residential Occupancy and Commercial Conforming Use Occupancy Permits.
  • Issues Repair, Zoning, UCC, Demolition, Sidewalk, Curb Cut, Driveway, Street Opening, and Signage Permits.
  • Determine if variances are needed, post properties as required.
  • Attends all hearings for ordinance violations, schedules hearings for matters pertaining to the Zoning and Planning Commission.
  • Attends monthly Council meetings and provides detail monthly reports to the Borough Manager.
  • Perform inspections of properties within the Borough Limits and buildings/structures and repair to ensure compliance with standard construction practices, Borough policies and procedures, Borough ordinances, and other local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  • Investigate safety and health complaints and take necessary and appropriate enforcement action to establish and maintain safe and healthy conditions in the Borough.
  • Explain code or ordinance requirements to the public.
  • Prepare detailed reports and photo documentation, notices of violations, citations, prosecutions, depositions, and testimony for court cases and complete necessary follow-up actions.
  • Compile, file, and retrieve computerized reports and other documents on a Borough computer.
  • Operate and maintain Borough vehicles in a safe, efficient, and orderly manner.
  • Interact well with the public, public officials, fellow employees, and contractor personnel.

How to Apply


Submit application and resume to:
Tammy Bennett
Borough of Columbia
308 Locust Street
Columbia PA 17512