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Tri-County Regional Planning Commission Seeking (2) Planning and Traffic Data Collection Interns

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) is seeking two summer interns to help with work associated with an update of our Planning Toolkit (model ordinances, planning resource research, etc.) and field data collection associated with traffic counts. The interns will take turns filling both needs throughout the summer of 2020.

  • Planning Toolkit Update: TCRPC plans to update our “Planning Toolkit” during 2020 to include guidance and model ordinance language on a range of planning topics of key interest to our municipalities. Work may include outreach to municipalities to assess areas of need and online research into best practices and a range of available ordinance provisions.
  • Traffic Counting: This task involves the placement and retrieval of portable traffic counters at selected locations throughout the Region. Employee must be capable of lifting, carrying, and placing 30 lb. portable traffic counters. This task also requires the capability of using a 3 lb. hammer to drive 5” spikes into the roadway shoulders.

A full-time employee of the Commission will accompany intern. Training will be provided. Manual Counts may require the intern to provide their own transportation and conduct counts individually. Training will be provided. Selected candidates will ideally switch between the two tasks throughout the summer of 2020.

How to Apply 
Apply by emailing a cover letter and resume to the TCRPC executive director. See link below with contact information. 

Please send resumes by March 31, 2020. Click to read original posting.