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Education Committee


To further the education and development of planners.  The Committee will serve as a clearinghouse for all Pennsylvania Chapter of APA planning training, education and related activities; will encourage and support sectional education and training activities; and will collaborate with institutions of higher education.

 Survey of Member Education Background Results

 Education Committee includes the following:

Richard J. Hoch, AICP CEP
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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Bob Begg
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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Susan Elks, AICP
Email Susan

Mike Frank
Heritage Conservancy
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Jim Gagliano
North Beaver Twp.
Email Jim
Brian Johnson
Email Brian

Stan Lembeck, PhD, AICP
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Lynn Mandarano
Temple University
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David McFarland,III, AICP
Blair County Planning Commission
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Jeff Raykes, AICP
Indiana County Office of Planning and Development
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Peter Wulfhorst, AICP
Penn State Cooperative Extension
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Survey of Member Education Background Results:
The purpose of this survey was to collect data on the educational background of the PA Chapter of APA members.  This information is being used to improve educational opportunities for planners in Pennsylvania.

  1. Which options best describes your involvement/employment in the planning field? 
    See results>>
  2. Have you earned an undergraduate degree?  See results>>
  3. Have you earned a Master’s Degree?  See results>>
  4. Have you earned a PhD?  See results>>
  5. Have you earned one of the specialized certificates offered by some institutions?  See results>>
  6. Are you a Citizen Planner?  See results>>
  7. As a Citizen Planner, my educational background has been a factor in, see factors & results>>
  8. Please rate the following statements, see statements & results>>
  9. Please rank the following statements based on how you felt after 3 months upon starting an y new planning position, see statements & results>>
  10. How many years have you been in the planning fields?  See results>>
  11. Please provide any other items that the PA Chapter of APA should consider in the continued assessment of education for plannings in Pennsylvania.  See items & results>>
  12. Please provide any areas of the planning field that could get more focus from education providers. 
    See results>>